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Twitter Reopens Verification Application To Interested Users



Twitter has announced that it would reopen the verification application to interested users.

It said in an announcement post that “Requests are open! Sorry about that pause –– now you can get back to your quest for a blue badge.” 

This came after it announced last week to put a hold on the verification application.

It had mentioned it would be rolling out the verification request.

However, it paused thereby enabling it to review the applications already submitted.

The second relaunch of the verification application process took place on the 20th of May.

Then eight days down, it made the pause announcement.

However, during its formal relaunch in May, it had said that responses to applications would come back to the users in a few days.

It had also added that there was a warning of it taking up to few weeks depending on the amount of application it received.

However, Twitter hasn’t specified if the new applicants should expect the same timeline for a response following its recent pause and reopening.

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What does Twitter’s new verification mean for users?

The new verification program designed by Twitter is to allow a person to apply for the blue tick mark.

The Bluetick icon shows that a person is a verified user on the platform.

However, there are six categories of qualifications that make a user qualified for verification.

They include government; companies, brands, organisations, news organisations and journalists; entertainment; sports and gaming, activists, organisers, and other influential individuals.

So, anyone who falls in any of the categories can be qualified for the Bluetick.

Twitter’s latest updates

The bird app has added other interesting features like the Tip Jar feature, allowing users to pay creators.

Last month, Twitter announced the launch of a service that allows creators to be paid.

This was part of its commitment to support users who are creators on its platform to earn.

The feature would allow creators to be paid or tipped by users who find their tweet intriguing.

The company had described it as “an easy way to support the incredible voices that make up the conversation.”

Although it would only be available to a listed group including creators, experts, non-profit, and journalists.

Users would see a small icon added to their profile, accessible only with a mobile device.

When you click on it, you will see a dropdown menu for payment platforms.

Also, there are reports about a feature that would allow users to undo tweets on its platform.

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