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Twitter’s 4000 tweet character limit



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If you often find that 280 characters is too few for you to be able to effectively express yourself on Twitter, then perhaps 4,000 characters will suffice.

Beginning on Wednesday, Twitter now lets you post tweets with a maximum of 4,000 characters, 28.6 times more than the mere 140 characters available when Twitter launched in 2006, and 14.3 times more than the current limit of 240.

There is a catch, however, as you need to be a subscriber to Twitter’s premium Blue tier make use of the feature.

Oh, and be located in the U.S.

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Folks in other countries will presumably get the option to post longer tweets soon.

“While only Blue subscribers can post longer tweets, anyone and everyone can read them,” the company said in a post on Wednesday.

“You can reply to, retweet, and quote tweet a longer tweet, no matter if you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber or not.

“Subscribers will be able to reply and quote tweet with up to 4,000 characters.”

The change is set to lead to fewer threads appearing on the platform, as lengthier musings will no longer have to be broken up into shorter tweets.

Those fond of tapping out longer posts in a notes app and then taking a screenshot and posting it also now have what seems like a more efficient option for sharing content.

It’s important to note that if someone posts a tweet that’s more than 240 characters, the entirety of it won’t appear right there in your feed.

Instead, there’ll be a “show more” button that you can select to view the rest of the tweet.

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