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vivo’s Revolutionary Y51 Boasts Of Clearer Shots And Stylish Design

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There’s been a lot of conversation across the different social media platforms since vivo’s Y51 was launched in the Nigerian market. As the brand’s first release of 2021, it is gaining quick attention from existing and potential customers.

Building on its already existing reputation of superior display and triple rear 48MP camera quality, vivo has kept on its promise and offered even more value for less.

The catch for some users is the ultra-stable video feature of this device that allows them to express their art and creativity in video form. The video experience is relatively steady with a high resolution to ensure quality.

Others get the opportunity to capture memories that are dear to their hearts and create picture books to help tell their stories to the younger and unborn generations. For some users, they immerse themselves in gaming activities and compete with friends on a leaderboard. This helps them to feel connected with friends and family.

Those in the corporate world are also in on the amazing things this device has to offer. One of which is the document mode of the phone’s camera that enables them to work remotely and carry out tasks faster.

A user expressed the joy of being able to play favourite games for longer with no lags and refers to the phone as a pretty decent package. This energy-saving device with a battery capacity of 5000mAh is definitely an attraction for many.

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The unique, mirror-like body design of the phone makes it not just a great device in terms of photography and videography, but a cooler option for the population that is intrigued by style.

Infused with design — to fit the style of a large fragment of its users — and tech — to satisfy the need for a quality mobile experience, vivo Y51 has earned several reshares and retweets on social media pages. Absorbed by the knack for creativity by this fragment of users, they are driven with ideas that the vivo Y51 has enabled them to bring to life in sound and images.

The side fingerprint unlock system, which is said to be fast and easy, is mostly preferred to the face unlock system. Although the face unlock system is equally fast and easy, one might say most users appreciate the uniqueness of this feature.

The Y51 has succeeded in commanding the interest of tech lovers that seem to be impressed with the phone’s processor which enables it to operate at a high speed. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise due to its 11nm Octa-core, Snapdragon 662, and an 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM (expandable up to 1TB).

The audio booster of this device keeps fans in touch with their favourite shows and makes house parties all the more fun with music blaring from the single firing speaker at the bottom. There’s also the option of wired headphones which comes with the device. It also makes the gaming experience complete with a sound quality experience. Users don’t get just quality display only but quality sound as well.

The excitement in the air for the device promises to last a long while as engagement with the posts on the fan pages are on a high.

Surely, there is more to uncover about the device as more users find the unique feature that stands out to them and represents their style. We can’t wait to hear what more users would think about the new smartphone as the orders keep rushing in.

The retail price of this device is ₦109,900 and customers get to receive a 10,000mAh powerbank upon every purchase at any authorised retail store nationwide. It is available for purchase at the official Jumia store.  Follow @vivo_nigeria on Instagram, and Twitter, and @vivo on Facebook for more information on the Y51. The conversation continues on vivo Nigeria facebook fans club and vivoMobileNigeria.

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