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WhatsApp Introducing New Anti-Harassment Tools

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In an effort to combat online harassment and abuse, WhatsApp is rolling out new tools that will enable users to control their experience on the platform better. The upcoming features, spotted in the latest beta versions of the app, aim to empower users with more privacy options and restrictions against unwanted interactions. 

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Block Unwanted Contacts

One of the key additions is an enhanced blocking feature that will allow users to completely block individuals from sending them messages, calls, or adding them to groups. Previously, blocked contacts could still view a user’s “last seen” status and other profile information.

The updated blocking system will ensure that blocked contacts have no way to access the user’s profile or online status, providing an extra layer of privacy and security.

Restrict Message Forwarding

In an attempt to curb the spread of misinformation and spam, WhatsApp is introducing limits on message forwarding. Users will now have the option to restrict the forwarding of messages to a single chat at a time, rather than multiple chats simultaneously.

This measure is designed to discourage the indiscriminate forwarding of unverified or potentially harmful content, which can contribute to the proliferation of fake news and hoaxes.

Temporary Account Restrictions

For users who engage in abusive or spamming behavior, WhatsApp will impose temporary account restrictions. These restrictions will prevent the offending users from initiating new chats or adding new group members for a specified period.

The restrictions are intended as a deterrent against harassment, unsolicited messaging, and other forms of abuse that violate WhatsApp’s terms of service. However, users under restriction will still be able to respond to existing conversations and groups.

These new features underscore WhatsApp’s commitment to creating a safer and more secure messaging environment for its billions of users worldwide. By giving users greater control over their privacy and interactions, the platform aims to foster a more positive and respectful online community.

As online harassment and abuse continue to be pressing issues, initiatives like these from major tech companies could pave the way for a more responsible and accountable digital landscape.

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