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WhatsApp Releases New Features

Whatsapp To Release New Message Deleting Feature: It's Complicated
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WhatsApp is putting users’ safety and privacy into their thoughts as it releases a new message-deleting feature.

WhatsApp mentioned in a blog post that the aim is to make conversations feel more “up-close and personal.”

At the same time, it also aims to ensure that the conversations don’t stick around for too long as users can now access the feature that enables one-to-one chats.

In addition to this, any new messages sent will “self-destruct” within seven days.

WhatsApp groups also have something in store for them; though, only group admins will be able to give access to this feature.

A new feature for Android Beta users

One of the new features which it rolled out is”Report to Whatsapp”.

It allows a person to report chats, groups and business account to Whatsapp with a form of verification.

However, the feature is not accessible to everyone. It is only available for Beta testers users with the update.

The Whatsapp Beta blog, WABetaInfo, said in its post that users can attach a copy of their recent conversations with the person they want to report.

Then they can forward the message as Whatsapp will never get the message unless users permit it.

How can users apply the feature?

Previously, WhatsApp does not exactly ban a user even after reporting.

It goes through a series of processes like if several other people have reported the contact.  The processes determine the action Whatsapp will take.

In a FAQ, WhatsApp also says that there are no messages to verify the accusations and so it another thing that limits it from taking action.

However, with the new feature, WhatsApp can verify messages and take action against reported accounts.

Users with the update can open the chat, contacts, or group they want to report, go to the three dots, scroll down to “Report contact”.

While reporting, WhatsApp will ask for permission to access a verification chat, and then it’s done.

WABetaInfo says that WhatsApp will soon roll out the feature for iOS users in few weeks to come.

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