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World Photography Day: Stop Saying ‘Cheese,’ It Spoils The Photo

focus on one subject while taking a photo
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‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ This is because, pictures tell far better and more detailed stories and convey more messages than words. However, when you don’t know how to take the best pictures, a word may likely end up conveying better and relatable meaning than the picture. So, since today is world photography Day, we are here to give you tips on how to take the best photos. And one of the tips is for you to stop saying Cheese while posing to take photos. This is because, saying ‘cheese’ spoils the photo!

Yeah, you read that correctly. Saying ‘Cheese’ actually spoils the picture. So explains photography experts. But don’t worry if you have been saying that. This report will tell you what to say instead as well as tips to take photos like a pro.

World Photography Day:

The World Photography Day is usually celebrated every 19th of August of every year. Since 2010, this day has been marked as World Photography Day to celebrate the journey of photography.

The worldphotographyday.com has announced a week-long global celebration to mark the 2022 photography day due to remarkable global interest in photography.

This day is celebrated because, almost 200 years ago, Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicéphore Niépce developed the practical photographic process known as the Daguerreotype on August 19, 1839.

Meanwhile, in the past, only a few persons had access to photography. Consequently, the French government is believed to have purchased the patent for the daguerreotype.

However, with the advent of the smartphones and the development of other technologies, everybody can now take photos and capture memories of remarkable moments with their phone cameras.

So, to take photos like a pro, stop saying Cheese while posing to take photos. Also check out the following tips:

Tip 1: Lighting Is Foremost:

Stop Saying 'Cheese,' It Spoils The Photo, photography, focus on one subject while taking a photo

focus on one subject while taking a photo

Light is very important in making you look good in photos. Lighting can transform the way you look in pictures.

Poor lighting can make you look tired or older in pictures. Poor lighting can also highlight the wrinkles on your face.

However, if your photo is well lit, your skin will look softer, illuminated and you will look younger, healthier and more attracting in the photos.

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So, ensure you adjust the device’s camera exposure to brightness or source of light to suit best.

Look for natural sources of light like from overcast skies or take your photo under shade. Avoid midday sunlight or under fluorescent light photos.

Tip 2: Press Your forehead towards the camera Lens:

When taking a photo, press your forehead towards the camera lens.

Doing this helps you look more connected to the camera because it elongates your neck, making you look balanced.

However, if you don’t, your face appears to have double chin instead of flat jawline.

Celebrities use this tips to avoid appearing in pictures with faces as if they have two layers of chin.

Tip 3: Smile with your eyes, not your mouth alone:

Stop Saying 'Cheese,' It Spoils The Photo,, Photography day

Christine Buzan, 32, from Orange County, California, teaches hundreds of women how to get the perfect snap for social media – and has insisted it’s easy for anyone if you know how. One of her tips is to ensure you’re smiling with your eyes (pictured right) and not just your mouth (pictured left)

Smiling with your eyes, also known as the “Duchenne smile” or “smizing,” makes you look genuinely happy in photos.

Of course, looking happy brings out your beauty and attraction in pictures.

Smiling with your eyes helps to draw good thoughts towards you, making you look sincere.

However, you have to do this properly to avoid looking forced.

Properly faking a smile with the eyes not that simple. But with constant practice, you will become a pro.

Tip 3:Use Gridlines to balance your posture:

Stop Saying 'Cheese,' It Spoils The Photo,, Stop Saying 'Cheese,' It Spoils The Photo, , turn on your phone's camera's gridlines to take better photo

turn on your phone’s camera’s gridlines to take better photo

If you want to improve your photos, then turn on your phone’s gridline.
A gridline is a series of vertical and horizontal lines on the screen of your smartphone’s camera.

It works on a principle of the “rule of thirds.” Rule of thirds is a photographic composition principle that says an image should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. By doing so, so you have nine parts in total.

Why this is important is that when you focus what you want to snap, maybe an image of yourself, dad or dog, in one of these intersections or along the gridlines, the photo will be more balanced and level. Also, viewers will better interact with the picture more naturally.

Tip 4: Don’t Say ‘Cheese.’ Say ‘Money’ ‘Hey’ or ‘Cheee’ instead:

According to professional selfie coach, Christine Buzan, 32, of Orange County, California, you should stop saying Cheese while posing to take photos. When you say ‘cheese’ while taking a photo, you spoil the photo!

She said instead, you should say ‘Money’ or ‘Hey.’ Why? When you say ‘Cheese,’ the shape of your mouth narrows down to a grimace while pronouncing the last two alphabets “Se” of the word ‘Cheese.’

This grimace shape of your mouth makes you look ugly by twisting your face.

However, when you say ‘money,’ ‘Chee’ or ‘Hey,’ your face appears better and without the grimace.

So, stop saying Cheese while posing to take photos.

Tip 5: Focus on just one subject:

Taking a good picture involves you focusing the camera on just one subject. When you do this, let the subject not fill the entire frame.

Also, two-thirds of the photo you take should be negative space. This helps the subject to stand out.

You can focus on a subject by tapping its focus on the screen of your smartphone.

Tip 6: During extreme lighting, shoot through sunglasses:

Stop Saying 'Cheese,' It Spoils The Photo,

Shoot through sunglasses

You can place your sunglass in front of your device’s camera lens to take a photo during an extreme lighting.

Use your sunglasses to cover the lens of your device’s camera before taking the shot. The sunglass will serve as filter for the shot.

With these tips, you will be able to take better photos like a pro for your Instagram and other social media platforms.

You can also follow these tips to take professional photos you can frame and use for modeling and other use cases.

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