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You Can Now Preview Voice Messages On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has announced the release of its preview feature that allows users to preview voice messages before sending them to their contact.

It said that it would allow users to listen to their recorded message before sending it.

Previously, users couldn’t preview voice messages until they were sent to their contact.

With the new development, users can now check if the message they intend to send is passed well before reaching the receiver.

Meta said that a user would find it after clicking on the stop button to finish a recording to access the feature.

It comes as a triangular icon, that when pressed, you can listen to the recording.

If a user is satisfied, click on the send icon to send the voice recording.

However, if you are not satisfied, click on the delete icon.

The meta-owned company has said that the release would slowly roll out on iOS, Android, website and desktop platforms.

Over the year, WhatsApp has been releasing a series of features related to its voice messages feature.

It had just recently released a feature that allowed users to playback the speed of voice notes sent.

Also, it released a feature that allowed users to playback the speed of forwarded voice notes.

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WABetaInfo, a blog for reporting upcoming features, said that the company would release a feature that allows you to pause and resume voice messages.

However, the blog hasn’t confirmed how and where WhatsApp would be releasing the feature.

Although it has been confirmed that the feature will be released as a beta version for iOS users.

One other feature many are looking up to from WhatsApp is allowing transcription of voice messages.

And WhatsApp confirmed in September that it would release the feature.

Also, in October, WhatsApp confirmed that it would release a feature that would allow users to do other WhatsApp related activities and listen to voice messages.

It is clear that WhatsApp is putting in the effort to better the experience of its platform for its users.

However, the messaging app hasn’t mentioned when the feature will be released.

But for now, it allows users to preview voice messages on its platform.

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