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YouTube Adds New Functions To Its Premiere Feature

YouTube adds more features to Premiere

YouTube is adding a few touches to its Premiere feature. It’s an added feature that makes it possible for creators to host regular offline/in-person premieres online.

As of today, YouTube has added support for a couple of other YouTube Premiere functions. Now creators can upload trailers, customize countdown timers, and redirect viewers to the actual Premiere from a live pre-show (sort of like a red carpet).

YouTube Premiere

In a recent report, YouTube revealed an 85% growth in the daily adoption of the feature. More than 8 million channels currently use the feature daily.

The COVID-19 pandemic created a broader market for Premiere, one that wasn’t on YouTube’s radar when the feature debuted.

Initially, the feature was created to allow creators to loop in pre-recorded videos into live events and give them room to interact more with their followers.

Usually, during live streams, every displayed act is done at the moment and mostly by the creators themselves.

This hindered creators from interacting with their viewers in the comment section, as much as they would have loved to, while the live session is underway.

Hence, the creation of the Premier feature. But as film festivals and other programs have found their way online due to the limiting effects of the pandemic on offline events, use cases of the Premiere feature have expanded.

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About the new features 

One of the newly added functions to Premiere is the Live Redirect function.

This feature allows creators to host a live show that leads viewers on to the Premiere.

Think of it as a red carpet event. Creators can host a mini-event to engage viewers and get redirected to the original Premiere immediately it starts.

Redirect feature

Second, on the list of new functions is the optional Trailer. The Trailer function is another feature that can be used pre-Premiere.

It can be used to create buzz around an upcoming trailer and arouse viewers’ interest. The trailer videos can only be 15 seconds to 3 minutes long. They can be uploaded on the Premieres watch page to prompt viewers to set reminders and tune in.

Optional Trailer functions on YouTube Premiere

Lastly, there’s the countdown timer feature. YouTube offers a variety of countdown themes from which creators can select. The idea is to help creators select a theme that’s best suited for the Premiere.

New themed countdown timers for YouTube Premiere

Not all features will be rolling out today. According to YouTube, creators will get access to the optional Trailers and Live Redirect functions today. However, the countdown themes will be made available in due time. With the looks of things, it might not take long before the themes are made available. So, creators can hope to get that pretty soon too.

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What’s coming to YouTube Premiere next?

We sure did miss out on a whole lot of movie premieres this year. And, we’re pretty much still expecting some movies to drop in the first quarter of 2021.

Do you see any of those coming to YouTube Premiere in the coming months? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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