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YouTube Adds Nigerian Creators, Artists To Its $100m Black Voices Fund

YouTube Adds Nigerian Creators and Artists to its $100m Black Voices Fund

YouTube has on Thursday, October 8, disclosed that Nigerian artists and creators can now partake in its $100m Black Voices Fund.

Nigerians can now apply for the fund to get support to grow on YouTube.

In a statement by Alex Ikosi, the MD, Emerging Markets, YouTube EMEA, the fund will give aid for the next three years.

He also said that the fund plans to play up the strengths of black creatives.

He further added that the initiative would inform people about racism.

YouTube Adds Nigerian Creators, Artists To Its 0m Black Voices Fund

The Black Voice Fund by YouTube is a part of a greater initiative to protect black creatives.

It’ll also give users, artists and creators the freeway to share their stories.

The short term plan is to extend funding to a good number of countries.

For now, efforts will concentrate on creators in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil and the USA.

The scheme also looks to give continuous education to creators around the world.

The education will include events, workshops and training for the community of black creatives.

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YouTube has a loyalty to give relevance to people’s content. Other than that, the video platform has a plan.

The plan is to fund policy and product reforms to boost its vision of giving people a shot and showing the world to them.

Youtube is sure there’s a single path to attaining its mission.

The way is to combat anybody that wants to terrify, disturb, oppress and hush creators on its platform.

To achieve that, the company will intensify efforts to kill accounts that say mean things to people.

Especially people that post mean comments.

The company also wants to release modifications that’ll make creator moderation tools well organised.

The funding of $100m was first disclosed earlier in June following Black Lives Matter protests.

The protests nudged companies to be aware of their shortcomings regarding black communities.

After the protests, companies began heeding to the concerns.

Big tech companies started to contribute and create funds to support black owners of businesses.

In the same breath, Google pledged $175 million to racial balance for businesses run by blacks.

Only recently was it given the name the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund.

YouTube also recently announced a series of shows it plans to release from its $100 million fund.

Are you a creator? What do you think about the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund?

We’d like to hear from you in the comment section.

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