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10 High Earning Tech Business Ideas For 2022

Tech business ideas
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Are you looking for high earning tech business ideas to launch out to become companies like Google, Microsoft and the rest? Well, you are in the right place. There are a lot of ideas you can try out, but you have to start small. Many of these companies started small by providing services people needed and later grew to what they are now. If you want to start small, we will show you some tech business ideas for 2022.

It is no surprise you are looking for an idea in the tech industry. The industry has grown over the years, and it has revolved around it. Infact in the economy sector, technology is compromising a good amount of percentage.

Each day, new technology arises, and startups develop and receive funds. As new startups are created, some are exiting the industry for many reasons, including having an unstable business idea. So while thinking of a tech business idea, you should consider the following.

  • One that can last in the run one
  • It would help if you considered an idea that is solving a problem.
  • Consider an idea that is in demand.
  • It would help if you considered an idea with potential for growth in the coming years.

Asides from having a good idea, you should know this. If 2020 has taught us anything more, it has taught many businesses and startups to go online. Initiating this technological perspective into your business is enough for it to stand. Many businesses have learnt from this, which has impacted the result of startups and companies in 2021. However, some of these business ideas will still have immense potential in 2022. And that’s why we will consider some of them.

Ten tech business ideas for 2022

Artificial intelligence

The short form AI is one business idea that has gained wide recognition and has grown over the years.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, many businesses transitioned, including institutions. They started including an instalment that allows people to communicate online as if they are present with the person.

The technology was able to write, speak, hear, read, see, observe and analyse things. These have entirely transformed many other sectors.

An example is the banking sector. Banks now have good online customer service with chat boxes that automatically read and respond to enquiries. Now people do not have to stand in long queues anymore to make their complaints not to talk about going to the bank.

Some of the technologies that have been categorised as related to Artificial intelligence include machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, etc.

Digital marketing

This technology idea offers a more lucrative way of making money. It is an extensive tech business that requires knowledge of many skills, which means more ways of earning.

Digital marketing leverages the internet by helping brands connect to potential customers. They develop strategies and skillsets to help a brand achieve its goal.

Many people can now be found online, unlike before. This has taken marketing in a different direction.

If you have a business and you aren’t online, definitely you will miss out on a lot of potential customers.

Having a digital marketing business would last long, and technologies like AI have made the space better.

Also, having a team of creatives ready to give their best skillset will ensure you grow.

Here are some needed skills on your team; social media manager, content creator, and graphic designer.

You will be able to offer digital marketing services or consulting services to businesses.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Today, many businesses have websites, which has made having search engine optimisation providers a priority.

One of their significant challenges is ranking on the Google search engine and converting.

The service of an SEO provider is to help brands rank on Google search.

They help them appear at the top when people search for keywords related to their business.

Although some companies have in-house SEO consultants, some others outsource the service.

However, the most important thing is to have an SEO expert to help your website rank well on Google.

Web design

This is another tech business idea that won’t go out of style easily.

You can barely find a functioning business that doesn’t have a website.

Many of them are looking for a website designer for aesthetics, navigation, and helping improve users’ experience.

Doing this affects the SEO result of a website as Google would be able to crawl easily through every page and then show the page when relevant keywords are searched.

A website designer helps design the user interface and experience of a website.

And it captures many other businesses like graphic designing, UX design, copywriting and others.


This is one business idea that has been around for a while.

However, it doesn’t matter has it has been growing tremendously over the years.

According to a report, sales in the e-commerce space have grown from over $500 billion to $550 billion.

E-commerce involves the buying and selling of goods online. Some of the popular E-commerce stores available include Konga, Amazon, Shopify, Jumia and Jiji.

However, to start in the e-commerce space, you have to start small, just like many of them did.

A person can decide to start small using techniques like dropshipping.

This includes not having a physical store, not warehousing goods, etc.

Also, a person should have a niche that they want to be about.

It could be shoes, clothes, kitchen tools, etc.


This business idea overshadows many other business ideas.

Do you have in-demand and exceptional skills like content writing, virtual assistant, graphic designer, etc.?

Then this means you can offer your skills as a business to a brand.

Many companies have in-house staff that help deliver on some roles, while others look for freelancers who deliver per project.

Although this might seem unstable, the quarantine has proven a  reliable business idea.

However, being a freelancer, you can work at your own will, unlike a 9 to 5.

Also, there are now freelancing platforms that have made things a lot easier for talents. Some of which include Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Website and app development

What many businesses cannot do without is having an online appearance.

And that’s where the place of websites and apps comes in.

Many businesses are looking to build one for their brand, making it easier for people to connect with their brand.

If you have the skills of an app developer, then you can turn it into a business and develop exceptionally.

This will determine whether you are being referred to other businesses or e called back to work with them.

Rendering a developer service is a very lucrative business, and it will be in existence for a long time.

Social media influencer

The influence of a human being or another human is undeniable. It is natural to want or not something just because of the way a person describes it. Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey promote cryptocurrencies by constantly tweeting about them. This made the digital form of currency gain more audience.

Social media influencer has become one major marketing strategy that has helped many brands grow. And over the years, it has now become a business for many.

Being an Instagram influencer, you can move the audience’s minds by being credible. It will help if you can gather a good number of followers and build a community with constant engagement.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have made earning easy with endorsement deals, ads, promotions and product placement.

You can decide to launch an influencer agency that helps connect brands with influencers in their niche and fits their mission.


Customer Relationship Manager or Experience Management has become an important role in the industry.

They help manage the relationship between a brand and its customer by responding to clients and taking down their details.

Many third-party customer relationship platforms help businesses to manage their customers online.

You can also create one. The reason is that many big businesses have not found a way to properly respond to complaints of their customers, therefore, leading to backlashes on social platforms.

However, if a third-party platform steps in, they can focus on their services more while their complaints are being attended to properly.


There has been an ongoing debate that more people prefer to listen than to read.

And interestingly, the growing rate of podcasting has grown since its introduction.

Many people are now pushing podcasting content on streaming platforms like Spotify, YouTube, etc.

And through these platforms, podcasters can earn and even get product promotions from brands.

Podcasting involves a sit-down setting where people can discuss issues or tell stories by speaking.

Implication for you reading this

We hope these tech business ideas were helpful to you.

And you have been able to make a selection from the few included in the article.

You should know that this selection is not based on speculations, but research is thoroughly done online.

Please share with us in the comment section your thought concerning the ideas ad which one works for you.

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