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5 WhatsApp Hacks You Need To Use Daily

5 WhatsApp hacks, WhatsApp new feature for businesses
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5 WhatsApp hacks you need to use daily is a report to show you tricks you need to know and use to use the messaging app properly.

You may have been using WhatsApp for many years now but its quite surprising that not many users know these hacks.

One fact you must know is that communication is no different between exchange of information in real life or formal communication and communication via social platforms.

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So, although WhatsApp communication may not be that formal or rigid, there are some sentences you may want to send to recipients in some formats as you would have them in other formal communications or writeups.

But don’t worry, you are here now and reading this report. So, you should know the hack by the time you finish reading this report with title, 5 WhatsApp Hacks you need to use daily.

So, ask yourself these questions:  If you want to italicise, bolden, add monospacing, etc to your sentences on WhatsApp, how do you do that?

Here is how to do that:

  1.  Italicise Text:

If you want to italicise texts on WhatsApp messages, here is what you should do.

Use the underscore ” _ ” at the start and at the end of the text.

If you want a specific text or lines of texts to be italicised, then use the Underscore sign both at the beginning and at the end of the text or lines of texts to italicise.



WhatsApp hacks, Italicise text

WhatsApp hacks, Italicise text

2. Bold Face or Bold Fonts :

If you want to make your text bold, do the following.

Use the Asterisks symbol ” * ” to make your text bold face or bold font.

Add the Asterisks symbol both at the beginning and at the end of the text or line of texts you want to be in bold.

WhatsApp hacks, Boldface text

WhatsApp hacks, Boldface text

3. Monospace font:

If you want each of your text characters to occupy the same amount of horizontal space, then use the Backtick symbol at both the beginning and end of the text.

Use the backtick symbol, ( ”’ ) to achieve this.

To get the Backtick sign on Android phone, click the “?123″ at the base of your phone’s keypad.

Then, press and hold on the  ” =\< ” sign and it will bring out the page where you can find the Backtick sign.

Type it three times at the beginning and end of the text to get the effect.

WhatsApp hacks, Backticks text

WhatsApp hacks, Backticks on text

4. Strikethrough Text:

Another WhatsApp hack you should know is striking through text. How do you draw a line in the middle of your text?

Here is how to do it.

Use the  Tilde Sign “~”.

Typing the Tilde sign both at the beginning and end of the text or line of texts will trike a line through them at the middle.

WhatsApp hacks, Strikethrough text

WhatsApp hacks, Strikethrough text

5. Combination of the effects: Using ( *~)

If you want to combine the hack, say, striking through text and bolding the fonts at the same time, you should do the following.

First, type the Asterisk’s sign and then, the Tilde sign at the beginning of the text or line of texts and at the end to achieve a bold font and strikethrough  text.

WhatsApp hacks, combined formatting of text

WhatsApp hacks, combined formatting of text

So, having seen these 5 WhatsApp  hacks you need to use daily, it is now your turn to make use of them for your everyday usage of the WhatsApp messaging app like a pro.


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