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Apple Experienced A Glitch In Its Services: This Doesn’t Look Very Nice

Apple Experienced A Glitch In Its Services: This Doesn't Look Very Nice

On Tuesday evening, a good number of Apple services were recorded down. 

Apple also confirmed these challenges on its page for all system status updates.

In a statement concerning the situation, the company made sure to address the issue.

The statement read that they’re aware of the challenges; however, they can’t say much for it now.

However, they’ll make sure to investigate and come up with appropriate responses. 

Again, following the investigation, Apple did say that some of the challenges are being resolved. 

Apple is, however, doing everything in its power to sort this situation out.

Though it’s unable to state the exact reason for the affected services.

Is something in the air?

Is something happening to these prestigious platforms?

Almost a week ago, Google experienced a similar occurrence. 

A good number of Google services were down. 

Services such as Google’s Google Mail, Drive, and even Hangout were down.

Let’s not forget YouTube experienced a similar challenge as well. 

Is something in the air for these platforms?

Are you wondering who’s next? Because it appears they’re beginning to lose their guard.

Do you think it’s okay for platforms like these to experience challenges as such?

We don’t think so, and we’ll tell you why.

These aren’t ‘baby’ brands. They have an elite brand image and perception. 

Experiencing things like these doesn’t speak well to their already established image. 

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. 

What do they always say? “Once bitten, twice shy”?

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What services were affected? 

Apple Experienced A Glitch In Its Services: This Doesn't Look Very Nice

Apple’s App Store

Apple users that were affected by this glitch were restricted from accessing their profiles. 

Now, it works in two ways. You might have noticed this, or probably not.

However, we’re going to list out the affected services. Most of them have probably been rectified. 

Regardless, if you’re still experiencing any login challenge on these services, please let us know. 

Notwithstanding, Here are the affected services, so look alive!

If you had challenges working through your Apple App Store, it was affected, you should check it out now. 

Let us know if it’s working perfectly now.

Apple Arcade also experienced challenges.

Did you, for any reason, try to use your iCloud, and it didn’t work?

Well, here’s your answer. It was affected yesterday as well.

Apple Experienced A Glitch In Its Services: This Doesn't Look Very Nice

Apple’s iCloud

Everything about the iCloud service. 

The iCloud Mail, Web Apps, iCloud calendar, etc. 

Some of the other affected apps include:

  • Apple+Tv.
  • Game Centre.
  • Find My.
  • Apple Care in iOS.
  • News.
  • Photos.
  • Radio.
  • School Work.
  • iTunes.

Just as we stated, monitor these apps. See how they’re working and if everything appears to be fine.

We love your feedback!

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