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Nigeria Digital Portal Goes Live: Familiarise Yourself

Nigeria Digital Portal Goes Live: Familiarise yourself | Techuncode
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Nigeria is not exempted from the ongoing digital shift happening globally.

Thanks to the new path forged by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest of this development in Nigeria kicked-off on Monday, September 28.

The Federal Government opened a dedicated Digital Nigeria Mobile Application and portal (DNMAP).

This is in accordance with the Digital Nigeria Programme.

An initiative proposed by President Muhammadu Buhari earlier this year.

Also, this is coming days to Nigeria’s 60th anniversary and Independence Day.

Other key stakeholders involved include the Federal Ministery of Communication and Digital Economy (FMCDE).

FMCDE, led by Dr. Isa Pantami, collaborated with the African Development Bank (AfDB) and Microsoft.

This collaborative effort ensured a successful launch of the new platform.

Also, the collaboration will aid easy access to “progressive digital skills.”

DNMAP was launched during a virtual event. There, Dr. Pantami floated the mobile application.

Nigeria Digital Portal Goes Live: Familiarise Yourself

At the event, Honorable Ali-Pantami said that;

“We are championing a paradigm shift that emphasizes skills.”

According to him, this is far preferable to “merely having degrees without skills.”

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He added that skill acquisition should be essential, while degrees validate the process.

Digital literacy and skill pillars recognize citizens as a Nation’s greatest asset in any economy.”

“Digital literacy supports the development of a large pool of skilled persons,” he added.

Currently, the portal is open for registration.

Similarly, the Digital Nigeria Mobile app is now available on Google Play Store.

Interested citizens can check here and sign up already.

What you stand to gain by registering:

  1. Enrol for multiple courses

The DNMAP is classified into five major learning phases.

Nigeria Digital Portal Goes Live: Familiarise Yourself

These classifications include Basic, Intermediate, advanced, entrepreneurial and Soft digital skills.

The classification also set the pace for a progressive study.

As such, registered participants can enrol in multiple courses simultaneously.

  1. Free certification

If completed, registered participants will be handed a certificate of completion.

This could further boost your opportunities of getting a digital-inclined job.

Also, note that certification will not come after completing the entire course library.

Instead, a registered participant will get a certificate after the completion of each course.

As such, you can prioritise your training based on your utmost need.

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  1. Enrol for all categories of courses at zero-cost

Another exciting thing about this initiative is that the entire training is free.

Unlike most conventional training sites, you can enrol for any course at zero-cost.

Currently, there are about 43 courses that can be taken on the site.

  1. Enjoy more courses on business and finance courses.

DNMAP dedicated up to 14 courses specifically for entrepreneurial skill acquisition.

Here, you do learn how to create and build a business.

Enjoy more courses on business and finance | Techuncode

Entrepreneurial skills

Also, you will have more insight on how to finance and scale your business.

This particular skill is of utmost importance. As such, it is well-provided for on the new platform.

  1. Acquire soft skill 

Also, other than digital skills, registered participants will have access to soft skills.

After completing the digital training, what’s next is to position yourself for career opportunities.

Acquire Soft Skills | Techuncode

Soft skills

Hence, acquiring soft skills like learning how to document your CV is highly essential.

Not just that, you will learn how to find a great job. How to master job interviews. How to set out at your new job. And so on.

Negotiating a job offer can be done wrong where basic soft skills are lacked.

These, among other things, are what you stand to learn in this training phase.

Video Tutorial Approach

Similar to other digital training, DNMAP uses a video tutorial approach.

Every single course is sub-categorised into different modular topics.

Video Tutorial Approach

Video Tutoria

These topics are mostly treated using an animated explanatory video.

However, the platform also made use of actual tutors on very few occasions.

As such, participants can stay glued to their screen for as long as possible.

In comparison, this is a better approach than a conventional human tutor.

An approach that tends to bore out a trainer.

Microsoft impact  

The DNMAP is quite resourceful, thanks to Microsoft for pouring out its lots.

The software giant ensured that participants have access to some of its best hands.

Experts across various fields like Microsoft Office, Data Science, Security, e.t.c. were made available.

As such, there is absolutely nothing about digital training that’s missing on the platform.

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Related tech development in Nigeria

Mr. Pantami shares thought on the new Tech Experience Centre.

Again, Nigeria is currently undergoing a digital revolution, and a lot is happening simultaneously.

Recall that Dell, alongside other firms, plans to establishTech Experience Centre in Nigeria.

According to the current plan, this initiative will significantly boost technology adoption in Nigeria.

As such, the Honorable Minister did not hold back his excitement towards the ongoing project.

During the launch event, Mr. Pantami said that;

“TEC is positioned to establish Nigeria as a relevant player in the global technology industry.”

“There is undoubtedly a market for advanced technology solutions in Nigeria that is currently underserved.”

According to him, some key players in the industry were keen on being a part of this project.

Mr. Pantami cited an example among many others; Schneider Electric – a global technology provider.

More than ever, foreign investors are beginning to show more interest in Nigeria.

In conclusion

The federal government is paying more attention to digital adoption in Nigeria.

Also, Nigeria youth are now provided with genuine opportunities in the digital world.

Now, it’s a matter of time before the narrative changes from “Lazy Nigerian Youths.”

Do you think these new initiatives are sustainable?

Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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