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Apple ID Logins Are Leaving Epic Games This Week




It’s not entirely clear who’s throwing the punch, but it might be coming your way. 

Starting tomorrow, Fortnite players won’t be able to login to their accounts using an Apple ID. 

If you’re a player, you need to make a move, and you need to do it now!

We’re not quite clear if Epic Games is shutting Apple out just like Apple shut them out of their store last month, or if Apple is dissociating itself from Epic Games because they’re disgusted by the Video Game Company’s sight. 

However, users have been advised to update their emails on the Epic Game platform to avoid getting locked out. 

Epic Game’s tweet from yesterday suggests that it was Apple’s decision to remove the login option. 

There is also a publication on the Epic Games website that directs players on retaining access to their accounts. 

According to the publication, users can maintain access through a few easy steps. We’ll show you how. 

How to retain access to your Epic Games account

1. Hurry now, and sign in to your Epic Games account using your Apple ID.

You might not have that option by tomorrow, so I guess you should do it now (Put on Nike sneakers if it helps you get there faster – Just do it!).

2. Navigate to the general settings page.

How to update your email on Epic Games' page

3.  Click on the edit icon beside your pre-set email address. 

4. Fill in your current email address.   

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In addition to updating email addresses, players will have to update their passwords too. It’s important to note that these clauses will primarily affect users who have only logged in with their Apple ID in the past.

Users who have previously logged in with their emails are in the clear. 

To update your password, simply navigate to the Password & Security page

The long battle

This long brawl between Apple and Epic Games has affected many mobile gamers around the globe. 

It all started with one underhanded move from Epic Games.

In August, They released an update that by-passed Apple and Google’s in-app payment method.

Their claim?

Apple runs an anti-competitive and unfair monopoly on in-app transactions and app distribution. 

However, we didn’t hear that side of the story before they were thrown out of Google and Apple’s store. 

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In response, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against both companies.

Epic Games also created a parody of Apple’s iconic 1984 commercial.

They called theirs Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite and premiered it within the game.

This week, Apple countersued Epic Games for breach of contract.

They demanded punitive and compensatory damages, among other things. 

The scuffle between both companies is still heating up. However, we hope that they can resolve it in the coming weeks.

Are you an Apple user that loves Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section below how this logins issue will affect you.

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