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Apple To Release Airpods Pro

Apple Has Intentions Of Releasing New Wearables: Airpods Pro Included

There are reports that Apple is planning on releasing Airpods Pro after the release of its iPhone 12.

The company intends to focus more on its wearables in the coming year.

For instance, according to Bloomberg, a new AirPods Pro is coming soon.

What to know about the new AirPods

The new AirPods Pro may have a few differences from the already existing one.

However, nothing too extreme.

One should also expect physical changes as well as internal changes.

According to reports from Bloomberg, the new Pods will have shorter stems.

Not just that, but will also have replaceable AirPod tips.

What other physical features?

It’ll look more compact and portable than the latter.

It’ll also have a more comfortable fit in your ears.

However, one can’t be exactly sure. Apple can change the design and outlook a few more times before its final release.

There isn’t an exact time for when the new wearable will hit the markets.

Nonetheless, it may hit in the first half of 2021.

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There’s more

Apple Has Intentions Of Releasing New Wearables: Airpods Pro Included

Image: Apple’s HomePod Mini

The new AirPods Pro is not the only new device to expect from Apple come 2021.

Apple may also launch a new HomePod.

This new HomePod will find a balance between the already existing HomePod mini and the HomePod.

The balance includes price, size and, of course, sound quality.

At the beginning of the month, Apple released the HomePod mini for $99

However, Apple released the actual HomePod in 2018. It went for $349 but is now cut down to $299.

There’s still more

Apple also intends to announce its ear-to-ear headphones.

The headphones will also have noise cancellation.

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