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Apple Users Can Now Find Privacy Labels On Gmail App



Google's search android history

Google has finally added Apple App Privacy labels to its Gmail app.

This is making it the first major app to receive privacy details aside from YouTube, according to MacRumors.

Although the App privacy information has already been added to Gmail, there has been no Google update.

Its been months since the Gmail app has seen an update, even with the frequent changes.

Earlier in the month, Gmail eliminated a warning message about the app not being up to date.

Interestingly, even after its elimination action, the app wasn’t pushed up to date by Google.

The App Privacy information shares the users’ listing location and users ID information on interaction with advertisers; however, it doesn’t collect their name, address, or phone number.

The data got from the location, purchases, the search history would be used as analytics, and some other app features would request it.

To know how the privacy label looks like, click on the link to view it.

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Since December, Google hasn’t really supported the App Privacy feature since Apple has been trying to enforce it.

In early January, Google announced that it would add the privacy data to its app catalogue “this week or next week”.

However, until the end of the month, apps had not got updated by the app privacy.

Note that the Apple App privacy would show the things the app might access, not the things the app would access.

And information got from the label would be submitted by the company itself.

According to Apple, there is no accuracy with what might take place.

Google updates YouTube iOS in December and adds its privacy label

In December, Google provided a bug fix to its iOS version of YouTube, making it the first major iOS app.

Also, it provided its App Privacy label to YouTube.

The announcement was first sited on 9to5Googlereports and later on other web tech blogs.

Google said the label would showcase the maximum categories of data that could be collected on its platform.

That is, whenever an individual uses any of Google’s app or feature, the person can control the privacy settings by going to their Google account or the Google product.

Also, the data gotten from the individual would be of useful service to them.

Going further, Apple announced that companies should apply the privacy labels, which it launched on December 14.

Asides from YouTube, Google has added its Privacy label to other of its smaller apps like Stadia, Authenticator, Translate, and Classroom; but not major apps like Google Photos, Google Map, Google Doc, Google search and others.

Other apps like Google Translate, Google Tasks, YouTube Music, and YouTube TV have not been updated in a while, yet, Google quietly updated them with its App Privacy label, alongside some new content and bug fixes.

This made Gmail the first of all its major apps, meeting predictions that Google might start rolling out for other major apps.

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