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Best Charging Dock For Apple Devices; iPhone, iWatch and Airpods

best chareging dock for Apple devices

Are you looking for the best charging dock for Apple devices? Then it would be best if you keep reading.

We will show you in this article the best charging dock for iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods.

Also, we would give a detailed specification of each charging dock, features, style and size.

As an Apple fanatic, you must be using all their products; Airpods, iPhone, and iWatch.

And one way you can enjoy using the product is when all the devices are powered.

In this case, you are probably looking for a charging dock that can serve you multiple charging for all your Apple device.

Finding the one that best fits your need can be stressful. Also, you might be considering an affordable device.

And still gives the best quality.

But before we get into the best charging dock for Apple devices, let’s know about the charging dock.

What is a charging dock?

A charging dock is a cradle with different USB ports and connectivity options to which a device is connected to charge.

Oftentimes, people mix up the mobile charger with a charging dock.

Yes! they are alike and perform similar roles. However, there is still a difference between them.

A mobile charger is made to connect directly to a power source and supply power to a device.

While a charging dock is mostly found in a charging station, they connect objects like speakers, phones, computers.

And depending on the type you get, it determines what it can do.

So the difference between a mobile charger and a charging dock is in what they can do.

Using a charging dock helps to prevent overcharging, overcurrent and short circuits.

Also, you can decide to play music while it is docked.

What you should know before getting the best charging dock for Apple devices

You should know that the charging dock needs to be compatible with your device depending on the type of generation or device you are buying it for.

Every charging dock has been designed for a particular device.

You should also know that not every charging dock comes with a charging cable.

Some of them come with just ports and expects you to use the charging cable that comes with your device.

If you don’t know, charging docks come in different styles, forms and sizes.

Some come as four in one dock; for an iPhone; for an Android, an Airports or an Apple watch.

While some charging docks come as a three in one dock; an iPhone dock, Apple watch dock and Airpod dock

Others come with two charging docks, an Apple watch dock and an iPhone dock or an Airpod case dock.

Also, it could come as a single dock for a device.

However, each charging dock would function as appropriate to the need of the buyer.

Asides from the style, the charging dock takes a different form.

It can take the form of an alarm clock stand with charging ports and cables, a tower stand, a wood effect or a magnetic charger cable.

Depending on what style, form and size you want, we will show you the best charging dock for Apple devices.

Generally, charging docks are not so expensive. Still, you can get an affordable one that gives the best quality.

Best Charging Dock For Apple Device; iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods

Before we consider other options of charging dock for Apple devices, Apple itself offers charging dock products.

However, below we would consider some types of charging dock that is best for your Apple devices.

Compiling the list is in no particular order as all the charging docks play a significant role in making our list.

KeyEntre 6 Port USB Charging Station

best chareging dock for Apple devices


Sizes: Weight: 0.64 ounces (18.14 grams), Dimensions: 6.26 x 3.11 x 0.39 inches (15.9 x 7.9 x 1 cm)

Compatibility: iWatch,  AirPods series, iPhone series (IPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 ), iPad series (iPad Pro / iPad Air / Air 2 / iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 4 / iPad 4th gen / iPod Touch 5th gen / iPod nano), Samsung Google Pixel and other smartphones, tablets, music players and others.

Form: 6 in one USB charging station

Colour: Black

Material: 100% Premium Copper Wire

About KeyEntre

This is a six in one charging dock that is very versatile and can charge all Apple products. So, it is one of the best charging docks for Apple devices.

If you are looking for a charging dock that can charge almost all the types of smartphone asides your Apple device, you should consider this.

It uses a 2.4A charging USB port that charges your devices faster than a normal charger.

This enables you to use your charger for a period and saves your time.

It has a smart chipset that allows the USB to recognise your USB port automatically.

And so, it delivers power to all six devices speedily.

It is designed innovatively with a detachable divider design which helps to separate and create more space. Also, it enables it to be easy to be carried at a go.

KeyEntre offers safety and protection against short-circuit, over-voltage, over current, over-charging.

It also travels friendly, that is you don’t have to worry about not being able to travel without it.

Another thing to not worry about is it getting damaged.

KeyEntre was built purely with premium copper wire.

You can get the charging dock for about 40.50 dollars on any device store.

Geekera Wireless Charger


Size: 0.47-inch thickness, 4.8 oz weight

Compatible: iPhone 12/12PRO/11 pro/8/X/XR/XS or Samsung phone, Apple watch 6/SE/5/4/3/2 and AirPods pro 2 or Galaxy earbuds

Form: 3 in 1 wireless charging stand

About Greekera

If you are looking to get a wireless charging stand with 3 in 1 dock for Apple products: iPhone, Apple watch and your Airpods. Then it would be best if you considered this multiple charging dock.

Greekera comes with a user friendly and sleep-friendly design.

When you are asleep, you don’t have to worry about the light affecting you as it comes with a light green LED light which would make you sleep comfortably.

The Green LED indicates that the power source is connected.

In terms of the quality.

The wireless charger is a high-quality charger that doesn’t cause any form of damage to your Apple devices.

Instead, it helps by giving security to the cables giving you more space.

Also, the multiple chargers come with a speed that charges devices really quickly.

Greekera comes with multiple protection technologies keeping it from damages caused by high temperature, over-current or over-voltage.

Its physical appearance is a U plate shape with a silicone coating, making the wireless charger dock electrostatic-proof.

That is, it gives you the feeling of touching skin, and you don’t have to be worried about being electrocuted.

From the specifications above, we can see some of the devices the charger dock is compatible with. However, it is not compatible with devices like Airpods Gen 1.

It is super light and can be kept in the pocket or carried in your bag.

You can find the charger on Amazon; it costs about $48.68.

EKO 4 in 1 Wireless Charging Dock – Black

Best charging dock for Apple devices


Colour: Black & white

Form: 4 in 1 charging stand

Compatibility: Apple Watch and Airpods and all Qi-enabled smartphones

About EKO

It is a four in one charging dock that supports all Qi-enabled systems, Airpods and Apple watch. It can charge any of the devices using its provided compartment.

And that is why it is one of the best charging docks for Apple devices.

The amazing feature about EKO is that it gives multiple charging options. It is either you use USB or the wireless charging option.

Not only does it do multiple charging, but it charges your device really fast.

So you don’t have to waste time waiting for your device to charge fully.

Also, If you’ve been worrying about its flexibility or if you can carry it out to charge whenever it runs down, then you consider this charging dock.

It is designed to be slim and modern, making it easy to be carried around.

You can get this charging dock for less than $100.

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OLEBR 3 in 1 Charging Stand

Best charging dock for Apple devices


Compatibility: iWatch SE/6/5 /4/3 /2/1, AirPods Pro 2/1 and iPhone 12/12 Mini/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/Xs/X Max/XR/X/8/8Plus/7/7 Plus /6S /6S Plus

Colour: Black, Rose gold, Grey, Silver

Form: 3 in 1 charging stand

Material: Aluminum and plastic


The charging port is designed to be user friendly.

You don’t need to go through so much to set it up, unlike some other charging docks that require a lot of screwing.

OLEBR comes with only two big screws, making it easy for a person to assemble it.

Also, it is compatible with the original charging cable of your device, so, you can all you need after unscrewing is the original cable for the setup.

When assembling the iWatch, you assemble it from top to bottom.

While for the iPhone and Airpods, you assemble it from the bottom to the top.

OLER is designed as an ancient sycee shape design.

It comes with a silicon tray with about 2.6p pattern in a rubber material that prevents devices from falling off and getting damaged.

The tray supports the iWatch at 45 degrees, making it easy to set it in night mode, check time or alarm.

Whether you use 38mm, 40mm, 42mm or 44mm one, it supports it.

It enables flexibility and sturdily showcases the phone.

While your iPhone is on the charging stand, it gives you both a horizontal and vertical viewing.

So you can be in different positions and still be comfortable viewing images and videos on your phone.

And you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off, getting scratched or getting damaged.

Also, the phone stand is supported with an enlarged fan-shaped frame.

You can get OLEBR for about $25.99 on Amazon or even at a lower price.

Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

Best charging dock for Apple devices


Type: 3 in 1 wireless charging station

Compatibility: Airpods series, iPhone series and iWatch series

Colour: Black

About Mophie

Looking for a wireless charging dock that is best for Apple devices, then you should consider this.

It has a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge your Apple devices without needing a cable.

Alignment of the charging dock is easy with the stand style phone charger it comes as and the divot for the Airpods.

Also, looking for a charging dock that delivers the right amount to be charged and charges speedily, try Mophie.

It charges quicker than some other charging dock.

You can also utilise the nightstand mode when using the iWatch charger; it displays in a horizontal mode.

It can charge iPhone, iWatch and AirPods simultaneously.

Mophie is designed with a premium ultra-suede finish that adds style to your charging dock.

If you consider getting this charging dock, you can find it on Amazon for about $77.99.

Apple MagSafe Duo


Type: 2  in 1 wireless charging station

Form: nightstand, foldable

Compatibility: iPhone and Apple Watch

About Apple MagSafe Duo

Apple MagSafe Duo is one of Apple’s charging docks, coming as a two in one dock that can charge three devices.

It is compatible with Apple phones and Apple watches.

Not only does it do that, but it also charges the iPhone at the highest rate.

This makes it be of the charging dock that made it to our list of best charging docks for Apple devices.

You can easily carry it around as it is designed to be foldable. And it can fit the palm of the hands, making it really portable.

And you can decide to use it as a nightstand.

Asides it is designed to be as tick as an iPhone, giving it a stern look.

The setback of this charging dock is that, unlike other charging docks, it can’t charge all the devices simultaneously.

If you consider getting this charging dock, you can find it for $130, which is quite expensive.

Implication for you

Surely, you’ve been able to pick your top choice from our list of best charging docks for Apple devices.

We were able to break down some of the charging docks to see how it can fit you and if it meets your needs.

However, we want you to know that the detail of each charging dock is in no way guaranteed by the writer or Techuncode.

The claims were gotten from credible reviews of the charging dock.

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