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Best Cheap Running Headphones To Buy In 2021

best cheap running headphones in 2021
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Looking for the cheapest headphones to get for running, then don’t go anywhere else. We realised that not everyone could afford to get expensive headphones, so we gathered a list of the best cheap running headphones with a guide to help in your selection process.

Although these headphones are cheap, it doesn’t mean they don’t perform the same functions as the expensive ones. And it doesn’t also mean that they come in low quality.

Infact, this list of headphones can save the same purpose as the expensive ones.

The only thing that differentiates them is that one is a lot more affordable than the other one.

However, the best cheap running headphone comes with features like water resistance, made to fit, and some wireless.

We would discuss below some of the features to look out for in our best cheap running headphones list.

But before then, let’s know about headphones.

What about Headphones?

Headphones are speakers that are small in size. They are majorly worn around the ear, over the ear or on the ear. They enable a user to listen to a sound privately without the sound emitting out. Unlike a speaker that emits sound loudly to the air that people within a radius can hear.

Headphones can also be referred to as earspeakers or earphones or earpieces. They are used with devices like phones, radios, laptops or Mac, etc.,

What are running headphones?

Basically, running headphones are headphones in the form of earpieces, earbuds, and Airpods used to listen to the sound while running.

Most times, people use running headphones to keep themselves motivated, engaged and entertained.

While running in the street, a headphone helps keep your mind focused and helps you steady your pace.

If you are the type that hates running alone or a music enthusiast or need to receive an urgent call while running, headphones would be helpful in such a case.

Getting a headphone can be somewhat stressful and strenuous; however, we got you covered.

In selecting a cheap running headphone, then consider the following.


Headphones come at different prices. Considering what you want, a cheap headphones. Several headphones fall in this category. They cost as low as $150 and even some way lower.

We considered the price of each running headphone in our list, and we are sure you would make a good choice after considering other things.


Although the headphones might not be so expensive, it offers the value you want? We are sure you don’t want a headphone that would give a distorted sound.

Instead, a headphone that would give a good quality sound that would meet your needs for a period of time.


Headphones come in different types; they could be over the ear, in-ear or an open ear. Whichever type you prefer should influence your selection process.

You might like a headphone that is tightly placed in your ear or the one that runs over your head.

Battery life

Running might be a form of exercise to some or a hobby. While for some other, running is their career, and they practice for long hours.

Whichever case you may be, what is constant is that you are running for a period of time.


Every headphone comes from a brand. Some of the brands might be really popular while some others are not.

Even though the purpose of your selection is getting cheap headphones, several brands make cheap headphones considering their consumers.


Do you want an effective headphone with noise cancellation technology and quality sound? Headphones with noise cancellation technology would help to filter away the noise and make you listen clearly to sound.

A headphone with clear and quality sound would give you the best listening experience while running.

Also, a headphone with an open-end would help to avoid any form of accident while running.

You would be able to hear incoming motorists or vehicles while still enjoying your music.

A headphone with a good sound quality would make it easy to take and make calls.


If you are a runner, you would probably be looking for lightweight headphones. Depending on the fact that you would be on a fast speed.

And you don’t want a headphone that would weigh you down or cause any form of pain or discomfort.

Also, a headphone that would stay firmly while you are running.


This considers things like what the headphone is made with and the durability. Since you would be running, there is a high probability of sweating.

So, a headphone with liquid resistance and a rubber design would prevent liquids from damaging the headphone.

Also, the design should be classy and attractive.

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Best cheap running headphones to buy in 2021

Now, we would be listing the best cheap running headphones you can get in 2021. However, you should know that the headphones don’t come in any chronological order.

Whether you are listening to a tempo or pop music or your favourite podcast, below is a list of the best cheap headphones for running.

JBL Reflect Flow

best cheap running headphone

This is a wireless headphone that cost less than $100. It is one of the best budget running headphones.

The In-ear headphone is designed for movement and delivers powerful and quality sound.

It comes with a brilliant battery life that lasts up to 10 hours with a single charge, while with a charging case, it plays for extra 20 hours.

For runners that sweat alone, the headphone comes with a plus IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof feature.

The headphone is super comfortable as it is wireless. So no detangling or wires. Also, the silicone ear-tips and Freebit enhancers in three sizes make the headphone a customisable one and very comfortable.

It has a hooked design that keeps the headphones to the user’s ear even with long-distance race.

You don’t have to worry about getting hit by oncoming vehicles as it comes with an ambience awareness feature.

Although it isn’t noise cancellation, the ambience awareness mode helps to lower volume and increase background noise.

It is the most reliable running headphone.

Also, it works perfectly with assistants that enable hand free and a convenient control that makes you act with a touch.

Earfun Free

best cheap running headphone

The waterproof earbuds are specially made for runners. Its functionality is suited to fit one of the best cheap running headphones.

Also, the headphones come with an ergonomic design that gives a secure fit to your ears. It is lightweight and comes with a 3 sizes ear tips option that fits any user’s ear and gives them comfort while wearing the headphone.

So if you get one for running, you don’t have to worry about your headphone falling off.

Also, it features a dual graphic speaker that gives excellent sound quality with built-in MEMS microphones that enables noise cancellation.

This would allow you to enjoy crystal clear sounds.

Another thing you don’t have to worry about is always having to bring out your phone. EarFun encourages hand free calls with a voice assistant.

The EarFun Bluetooth 5. o earbuds can be used in mono and stereo mode with deep bass.

It comes with a wireless charging case that works 6 hours per charge and 24 hours in the compact charging case.

The charging case can be charged using a type C charger or a wireless charging pad.

Don’t miss out on getting this headphone as it is one headphone that is recognised for its amazing and innovative design.

You can get the headphone for about $42.99 on Amazon.

Sony WI-C300 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The in-ear headphone is super cheap and very reliable. It costs lower than $20; on Amazon, it cost about $18.

So you know this headphone is really cheap.

One of the things you don’t have to worry about with this headphone is its fit.

The headphone comes with 3 ear tips to fit any ear size. It would give your ears a comfortable fit with its silicone ear tip.

It comes with a bit of wire chord, which can be worn comfortably around the neckline with the earbuds in the ear.

Also, you don’t have to worry about long wires connecting to your phone and disrupting your run.

It comes with an NFC One-touch that enables easy Bluetooth connectivity.

The one-touch button allows you to play, pause and skip easily while running.

Asides from the button, it also comes with smartphone compatibility that enables hand-free calls and voice assistants.

Also, the Sony wireless headphone can offer up to 8 hours of battery life. If the battery is down, it comes with a charging cable.

However, one of the cons of getting the headphone is that it doesn’t come with a noise cancellation feature.

Still, it is one of the best cheap headphones for running.

Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sport Headphone

This is a specially designed headphone for sports, workouts, running, jogging. It comes as waterproof and sweatproof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting spoilt when it comes in contact with liquid.

The headphone comes in three sizes, 20.78 x 0.52 x 0.93 inches.

Another thing about this particular headphone is that it is designed with ultra-soft and flexible silicone ear gels, giving comfort and a secure fit on your ear.

Also, it is lightweight at 0.48 ounces.

Although this headphone comes with a bit of wire chord, it is worn around the neck and is designed in an innovative manner that can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Basically, with the headphone, there is no form of disruption of any kind. It is made to give you the comfort you need while running.

Jaybird also comes with a quality sound with a customisable EQ on both iOS and Android devices.

That is, the sound can be personalised to your ear.

If you get the headphone as a busy person, you would be able to manage phone calls while on the run.

You should know that the wireless Bluetooth player gives 6 hours on a single charge.

And has a sleep mode that helps it to preserve its battery. You can set the headphone to go off while inactive for about 15-60 minutes.

You should know this headphone costs lower than $109.49, making it one of the best running headphones under $150.

Beats by Dr Dre Powerbeats

This is one of the cheapest headphones the brand has created. It made it to our list of the best cheap headphones for running for that and the amazing features it offers.

Powerbeats is cheap, unlike its Pro, yet, they share similar features.

It costs about $121.49, or oftentimes lesser than that piece.

Just like other headphones we had mentioned, it comes with sweat and water resistance.

So you don’t have to worry about liquid entering the internal part of the headphone and damaging it.

Also, the high-performance wireless headphone comes with an adjustable fit and gives comfort with its secure fit hookup.

Amongst the amazing things the headphone can do, it works well with assistants and makes taking calls easy.

It is very compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

And connects speedily with the Apple H1 chip.

Also, the in-ear headphone comes with a long last battery life that gives 15 hours of listening time. And with 5 minutes charge, the battery can last up to 1 hour.

If you order this headphone, it comes with four ear tip size options, stay-in case, lightning to USB-A  charging cable and a start guide or use guide.

Soundcore Liberty Neo by Anker

It would be best if you considered this headphone, it is so cheap and offers amazing features that would be best for running.

This here is one of the best budget running headphones.

First, it is wireless. So you don’t have to struggle with wireless interrupting your runs or detangling wires.

Next is the look and feel of these headphones.

It looks and feels really sturdy yet lightweight and easy for a runner to speed off with.

While listening to music on your runs, it can hit keys and helps you to feel the music. It comes with an exclusive bass up technology that analyses the audio frequencies and increases the bass up to 43%.

Also, it comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity setting that allows for a strong connection.

So, while your device is connected to the headphone, it doesn’t give unnecessary breaks or skips.

Engineered with IPX7 Protection, you don’t have to worry about liquid damaging your headphone.

Using the headphone, you can get up to 5 hours of play with a single charge and with the compact charging case 15 hours extra.

Asides from the battery life, this is good to go headphone for running.

To get the headphone, you can find them for about $44.99.

KitSound Funk 35 True Wireless EarBuds

Looking to buy cheap headphones for running, then you should consider this pair. It cost about $54.77 on Amazon.

The fact that it is wireless already ticks the box on why it is suitable for runners.

If you are looking to get earphones for running that don’t fall out, this is right here.

It comes with a suitable compact and gives a comfortable fit to the ear.

The three ears fit it comes as helps one choose the size that fits into their ears perfectly and is comfortable on them.

Another amazing thing is this headphone is the sound quality. It delivers both the bass and treble in a clear manner.

Also, it has a control button that allows you to put it on and off. And enables a call handling feature that allows you to make calls easily.

Featuring IPX3, you don’t have to worry about liquid damaging your headphone. With its water and sweat resistance, you can use it to run under any weather condition.

It allows play for 6 hours and comes with a portable charging port that gives 24 hours of playtime on the go.

However, it doesn’t have a noise filtering feature, and the button of the headphone is pretty loud.

Urbanears Stadion in-Ear Active Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The amazing thing about this headphone, asides from the offerings, is the design. It gives a really classy look with the curls.

Urbanears Stadion in-Ear has a sturdy designed to fit into the shape of the user.

The ear clips make sure that the earbuds of the headphone fit into the ears of the user. In contrast, the stretchy coil is for adaptation.

Despite its perfect fit, it gives room for you to hear sound coming from the ambience.

We are sure most people that engage in running and jogging would love this to avoid any form of mishap.

It comes as a Bluetooth enabled headphone that connects to a device.

So you don’t have to worry about the chords disrupting your flow while on the run.

Also, it comes with as a hand free whereby you can take calls without worry.

With the three buttons around the headphone, you can use it to pick calls, adjust volume, pause and do many more things.

And if you happen to like going for your runs at night, it comes with a built-in reflector that keeps things visible.

A single charge gives about 7 hours of play and uses a micro USB port to charge.

If you are considering buying it, it costs about $49.99, which is so cheap compared to other headphones with the same features it offers.

Skullcandy Indy ANC True Wireless

Looking for a budget-friendly headphone that comes with a noise-cancelling feature, then you should check this out.

It is the best running headphones under 150, costing about $79.95.

Featuring an Andiodo, it offers you a personalised listening experience.

To run the Andiodo,  you open the Skullcandy app on your device to find the headphone.

Then run a test in the environment to determine what sound that would be marked in the app.

Based on this, the sound would be emitted to your hearing.

And you don’t need to max the volume while on the run; instead, the volume gives a clear and tailored sound.

With the headphone, you don’t have to worry about the headphone getting damaged by water or dust as it comes with IP55 water and is dust-resistant.

Skullcandy comes with an ambient mode and a touch control button for calls, playback, track and volume.

Also, it features noise cancellation that kills noise in the ambience. So while on the run, you don’t have to max the volume to block out noise.

Amazingly, the different ears of the headphone come with their own functionalities.

Swiping the left bud reduces the volume, while the right ear increases the volume.

Also, for skipping songs, a long press on the right ear takes a song forward, while for the left ear, it takes a song backwards.

The headphone runs for 19 hours; this is a gathering of 5 hours of play with ANC on and 14 hours after charge in the wireless charging case.

However, if the ANC isn’t on, the headphone can play for about 9 hours and 23 hours after charging in the charging case.

Asides from all this amazing benefit of this headphone, the only down point is that it doesn’t come as water or sweat resistant.

So you have to be careful with it while on the run.

Groov-e Zen Wireless Headphones

It is rare to find over-ear headphones at this price. This particular headphone is one of the cheap over-ear headphones for running.

It is also one of the best running headphones that are lower than $150.

You can find the headphone for about $149 on Amazon.

And it comes as an active noise cancellation that helps to keep sound clear and filter noise.

However, this doesn’t mean that you would be blocked away from hearing incoming cars or approaches.

Instead, the ANC enables it to give a quality sound that is even better than those that are more expensive.

It is designed with a cushioned ear pads that offer comforts to your ears.

So while running, you won’t feel discomfort.

It also comes as a wireless headphone with a Bluetooth connectivity

The battery of the headphone lasts for up to 8 to 10 hours.

However,  the headphone might not be your best choice from our list as it doesn’t come with a water and sweat resistant.

As you have to be careful with the headphone while on the run.

Implications for you

It would have been tasking trying to select a headphone that is good yet cheap. However, we took that stress away.

And we hope you’ve been able to select the best cheap headphones for running from the list.’

However, we want you to also know that the claim by each headphone is in no way guaranteed by Techuncode or even the writer.

As the claims were from past reviews on each of the products.

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