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How To Make Between $100–$10,000 Each Month From YouTube Shorts Fund



How To Make Between $100–$10,000 Each Month On YouTube Shorts Fund

You sure want to know how to make between $100-$10,000 each month for creating YouTube Shorts videos.

Many influencers have creative and original contents that engage millions of followers and subscribers on YouTube.

Also, many creators on the platform have grown their followership and subscriber bases into millions of fans.

Interestingly, the platform has found it necessary to reward creators who have given much dedication to build the followings they have.

Therefore, the question remains: Are you a Youtuber or content creator on YouTube?

Do you want to earn money from YouTube Short Fund?

Well, if you want to earn money for having original contents on the platform, then read on.

This article will show you how to earn money for your contents on YouTube Shorts.

Now the Update:

YouTube Shorts has earmarked $100 million for creators globally.

The platform will distribute the $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund over 2021-22.

YouTube said the fund is to help creators to earn and build their growing businesses.

Remember that YouTube Shorts launched in July and  has now introduced the YouTube Shorts Fund.

The Video streaming platform said the fund is to reward creators for their dedication in making creative shorts.

” The YouTube Shorts Fund is a $100M fund to reward creators for their dedication to making creative, original Shorts that delight the YouTube community.”

The platform also said that it would reach out to all eligible creators each month to notify them of their eligibility.

“We’ll reach out to thousands of creators each month to tell them that they qualify for a Shorts bonus from the fund.”

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Similarly, YouTube’s director of operations and partnerships for Shorts, Kevin Ferguson, a former TikTok executive, said this of the fund:

“For traditional YouTube, the goal for us has always been to support creators and allow them to support themselves as a business.”

He also said “that certainly remains true for Shorts.”

Also, Ms Addy Awofisayo, YouTube Partnerships Manager, said the fund is necessary to help the world recover from  economic meltdown.

Eligible Creators To Earn From YouTube Shorts Fund:

To be eligible to earn from YouTube’s Short Fund, You must be from Nigeria.

You must also, either be in countries like United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, Russia and Japan.

Additionally, you must be in Mexico, Brazil, India or Indonesia to benefit from the fund.

Other eligibility criteria include:

  • Channels need to have uploaded at least one eligible Short in the last 180 days.
  • Your channels must abide by YouTube’s Community Guidelines, copyright rules, and monetization policies.
  • If your Channel uploads videos with watermarks or logos from third-party social media platforms, then you can’t benefit.
  • Also, If your channel uploads non-original content, you will not earn a dime.
  • If you upload  video clips from movies or TV shows without editing them, you won’t earn money for your content.
  • Additionally, YouTubers who upload contents from other creator’s channels will not be eligible.
  • Note that as a creators, you must be 13 or older in the United States to be eligible for the fund.
  • Or you should be the age of majority in your country/region.
  • Also, creators 13–18 years old must have a parent or guardian accept terms by the platform.
  • Parent or Guardian will also set up an AdSense account for payment when one isn’t already linked to their channel.

How much you can make each month for creating Shorts videos on YouTube:

YouTube says creators from Nigeria and other regions it listed will make between $100 to $10,000 dollars every month.

The platform will distribute the money from the $100 million fund it has set aside to reward creators.

Meanwhile, YouTube said it will frequently adjust the bonus system based on the location of a creator’s audience.

What this means is that regions will have varying degrees of viewership and engagement to qualify.
So, if a creator in Nigeria needs a million viewership and a million engagement on a shorts video to qualify, that may not be the case for another creator in Mexico.
Similarly, a YouTuber in the US or UK will need engagements and viewership different from those another Youtuber in India needs.
How YouTube Will Pay You From Shorts Shorts Fund:
If you become eligible for the fund, then YouTube will pay you whatever percentage of the fund that your contents qualify.
Also, the platform will pay you through the AdSense account you linked to your channel.
However, tax withholding and adherence to other AdSense policies would be required to receive payment.
Also, Keep in mind that you may be liable to pay taxes to your country of residence on any income earned from your monetized videos on YouTube

How To Earn From The Fund:

You can earn money from the fund by following these steps:

  1. Be a creator in Nigeria or those states or regions listed above.
  2. Make sure you are at least 13–18 years old.
  3. Then, let your parent or guardian accept YouTube’s terms and set up an AdSense account for payment.
  4. But if you already have an AdSense Account you linked to your channel, then you are good.
  5. Then ensure you upload at least one eligible Short in the last 180 days.

How To Know If You Qualify For The Fund:

If you qualify for the fund, YouTube will notify you via email and notification in the YouTube app.

The notification will come to you after the first week of each month.

Both the email and notification will include the amount of the bonus and instructions on how to claim it.

However, you have until the 25th of each month to claim their bonus, or it may expire.

You Don’t Have AdSense Account? Here Is How To Set Up One”

If you qualify for a Shorts bonus, but don’t yet have an AdSense account, then you don’t have to worry.
Just follow these steps to set up your own AdSense if you are doing it for the first time.
To get you started, follow these steps:
From the bonus notification email or in-app notification select CLAIM BONUS to go to the Shorts Fund page in YouTube Studio:
  1. Under “Step 1,” select START to accept the bonus terms.
  2. Under “Step 2,” select START to set up your AdSense account.
  3. When asked if you have an existing AdSense account, choose No, I need to create one.
  4. Select CONTINUE to go to AdSense.
  5. Choose the Google Account to use for AdSense.
    Note: If you already use AdSense for other reasons outside of YouTube, sign in to the Google Account used with your existing AdSense account.
  6. Accept terms  select Create Account.
  7. Enter your address  select Submit.

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