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Best Headphones For Working From Home

best headphones for working from home

Having the best headphones for working from home is a game-changer.

If you work remotely, then you should know how important it is to own a perfect headphone.

Especially if you are the type that lives with people, it could be frustrating and tiring,

It would help if you had a headphone that is comfortable and can stay for long hours.

Also, a headphone that can filter noise and provide all other necessary features to make working from home work for you.

Covid- 19 made many people result to working remotely or home office.

While the Pandemic was on, we could not go out so as not to contract the virus.

Because of this, many organisations opted for their employees to work from home.

Later on, the Pandemic was over, and we could go to work again, except that you needed to wear a facemask.

However, some companies found remote working a lot productive and comfortable for their employee.

And, so they adopted remote working into their structure.

For this reason, there became a rise in digital accessories like headphones.

Digital companies took advantage of this and began to produce different headphones to meet the demand for headphones.

As there are many headphones produced, it could be not very clear knowing which to pick.

Also, not all headphones are a good fit for some specific need.

And that’s why we are here.

To guide you in this selection process.

It would help if you stayed glued as we guide you through the best headphones and headsets for your home office.

First, let’s tell you a bit about headphones and their importance in our day to day affairs.

What are headphones?

Headphones are small speakers which emulate sounds privately into the ears of an individual.

They come in different forms and styles, including around-the-ear, over the ear or in-ear headphones.

The primary importance of a headphone is that, unlike a speaker, It provides privacy for people.

While speakers emit sound loudly to the air that people within a radius can hear.

Headphones are aid learning and communication.

You can use them for online meetings, virtual classes.

It helps with effective listening, speaking and some of them filters noise going on around you.

For those who love to keep fit, headphone helps them maintain focus while exercising.

You can listen to your favourite podcast or music.

And if you are a music fanatic, then you probably go everywhere with your headphone.

Now that you know about headphones let’s dive into consideration for selecting a headphone.

Consideration for selecting the best headphones for working from home


Just like any product out there, headphones come at different prices.

Some come as affordable and cheap, while others come as expensive.

You should have a budget for the headphone you want to get.

It would inform your selection process.

However, it would be best if you were careful while considering the price of your headphone.

Some headphones are dangerous to hearing; they can cause headaches, ear bleed, or ear fatigue.

Mostly, affordable and cheap ones that cause harm to the ear.

Although, not all fall into the category.

Some of them produce quality sound, have good battery life, and doesn’t cause any form of hearing damage.

Noise cancellation technology

If you live with your family, you know how frustrating it can be having to take calls with the constant noise around.

However, headphones with a noise cancellation feature would help you take calls clearly and filter the noise.

And so you can communicate in online meetings clearly or attend to clients without any form of disruption.

Form/style (Wireless)

There are several forms of a headphone that you can choose from.

We have them around the ear headphone, in-ear headphones and over the ear headphone.

Asides from the headphones, as mentioned earlier come in wired and wireless styles.

Wireless headphones are Bluetooth enabled headphones, and they do not have wires around them.

For wired headphones, they have a wired cable that is connected to your device for use.

When considering the styles and forms, it would be best to consider wireless or Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

They enable multitasking and clear away disruptions by the cable.

Also, getting over the ear headphone helps you to stay connected without feeling any form of discomfort.

Battery life

Wireless headphones use WIFI connectivity or Bluetooth to connect to a device.

And so they carry batteries that need to be charged.

Some of the batteries are long-lasting, while some are not.

So, if you are using a headphone like this, you should consider the one with long battery life.

So you can use the headphone as long as you want to carry out your daily task effectively.


The performance of a headphone deals with the general response of a headphone.

Does it come with a noise cancellation feature, encourages hand free, or have a customised listening experience?

These are some essential performance considerations in your selection.

It would help if you looked out for them to have the best listening performance.

Sound quality

Imagine using headphones that break while talking to an important client; that’s not good for you, right?

But if you consider the sound customised a headphone before buying, you can avoid that from happening.

Look for a headphone that has a good sound wave.

Not the one that would cause hearing issues like hearing bleed, ear fatigue, or even headache.

But a good headphone that would give you the best sound experience.

Best headphones for working from home

Below are headphones that we have carefully selected that you can use for your home office activities.

However, we want you to know that the selection is in no sequential order. The headphones are randomly arranged for you to make a selection.

Use the above requirements to make your selection.

Bose Noise-cancelling 700

You should consider these headphones if you are looking for one of the best noise cancellation headphones.

It gives you the best listening experience while taking video and audio calls and meeting with a client.

The headphone has 11 levels of noise cancelling.

Bose noise-cancelling headphone is one of the most advanced headphones for working from home.

It has a fantastic sounds quality which gives you a crisp, clear and detailed sound.

An interesting fact about the headphone can balance the sound no matter the volume it is placed.

Bose noise-cancelling 700 is a product of Bose and a successor to Bose’s QuietComfort.

It is uniquely built with a microphone that can adapt to any environment.

And so, even with the vacuum on or the children’s noise, you can make crystal clear calls with the headphone.

The headphone also encourages handsfree with Google assistants, Alexa, Siri available to listen to commands.

In terms of the comfortability and design of the headphone, Bose offers it all.

It is designed with lightweight stainless steel that allows you to wear it as long as you want without it feeling heavy.

Also, you do not have to worry about disturbing cables or tangles.

It comes as a wireless Bluetooth headphone.

And its battery can last up to 20 hours, giving you a long-lasting use for your working period.

To get the headphone, check online stores like Amazon.

Although it was a bit expensive, the price is worth it.

Jabra Elite 45h

The headphone cost about $100 on Amazon, making it one of the best headphones under 250.

It doesn’t only make it the best headphone for working at home but the best budget-friendly headphone to get.

Asides from the fact that it is affordable, it offers incredible features that make it one of the best headphones for working from home.

It comes with a noise cancellation feature that helps to filter noise around you.

And it has an exceptional sound quality with a 40 millimetres speaker.

The on-ear powerful headphone gives about 50 hours of battery life, which makes them long-lasting.

And so this makes it possible to work for days without having to charge.

Also, you can have convenient conversations with your clients.

The headphone comes with a two-microphone inbuilt that makes you take calls crystal clear.

It also comes as hand-free enabled with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri are allowed.

In terms of design and compatibility, the headphone is one you should get.

They are designed perfectly to be worn for long hours, and so they come with soft cushions.

The headphone is super lightweight and foldable so that they can be carried anywhere you are going to be.

However, the most fantastic feature of the headphone is that it gives a customisable sound experience to users.

With its new Jabra technology, you can fit the sound to your hearing type.

Generally, this headphone is worth the penny and worth you having a great office home experience.

Apple Airpods Max

best headphones for working from home

best headphones for working from home

Although one of the best headphones for remote working, still, most expensive headphone.

The headphone is more expensive than the Bose and Jabra headphone that were listed earlier.

However, getting a headphone like this for working from home is worth the penny.

The headphone does a great job at providing the best working experience.

The most significant feature of the headphone is their noise cancellation feature.

While using the headphone, you do not have to worry about noise intruding or having a disrupted call or video call.

It allows virtual communication goes as smoothly as possible.

The headphone provides a high audio rate that allows you to hear clearly and be crisp.

Although it has a vital noise cancellation feature, it drives transparency.

So, you can know what is going on around you but even while filtering the noise around you.

With its spatial audio, the headphone provides you with a headphone that gives excellent theatre-like sound.

Apple has built its products around some chips in which Apple max is with the Apple H1 chip.

In terms of the design, it was built for the comfortability of a person working from home.

A lot was considered concerning the design and how it would give your ears an exceptional fit.

Another feature is that the headphone is effortless in their usage; you do not have to stress about anything.

You can decide to switch between devices without being affected.

Generally, Apple Airpods Max is a headphone you should get for a great time working from home.

You can get it on Amazon for $479, or you can check other stores like Konga, Jumia and others.

Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC

If you find the best headset for work from home, you definitely should not miss this.

It is one professional headphone designed to help you carry out whatever job you are doing effectively.

You can connect it to your PC, computer, mobile device, depending on the device you use to work.

The headphone can collaborate effectively with working platforms as Google meet, Zoom, Microsoft teams and others.

It comes as a noise cancellation headphone which makes it more ideal for working with it from home.

You do not get distracted as you keep focus and carry out your task fine.

And you can use the headphone for about 12 hours.

Although compared to others, the battery rate isn’t that strong.

But if the ANC is put off, the headphone can take up to 15 hours of use.

However, you can use it for working and share it later for subsequent use.

Another feature of the headphone is that it uses three advanced microphones to deliver the best voice quality,

The wireless Bluetooth headphone also comes with an open mic button that allows a bit of ambient noise, making you aware of your environment.

If you are the type that likes to multitask or move or roam about during work, the headphone offers up to a 98ft wireless range.

With the USB connector dongle, connectivity to a device is made more accessible and without disruption.

In terms of the design, the headphone is beautifully built.

It has a carrying case, a charging stand, charging case, which makes it premium.

Generally, it is the best fit for the position of the best headphone for working from home.

You can check Amazon to get it for about $140. 49

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Apple Airpods Pro

The above is another Apple product that made it to our list of best headphones for working from home.

It is no surprise this made it to our list as we know Apple produces only top-notch quality.

The headphone is lower than the Airpods max version.

However, it offers almost the same features and performs similarly.

The Apple Airpods Pro comes with unique features.

It has a noise cancellation feature that allows the filtering of noise during conversations.

Asides it gives a transparent mode of hearing that allows you to know what is going on around you.

If you look for a headphone with an ergonomic design and gives the best fit, you should consider the Airpods Pro.

It comes as water and sweat resistant, making you avoid any form of spillage from spoiling the Airpods.

For a customisable fit, the in-ear headphone comes with three sizes of soft silicone tips.

Also, it customises our hearing experience with an adaptive EQ, which tunes the sound to fit your hearing.

The design is built beautifully with a plastic case covering and comes with a charging case that also protects the Airpods.

It is straightforward to set up on your Apple device, and it encourages handsfree with the use of the voice assistant Siri.

The battery span of the headphone can go for a whole day, making them long-lasting.

You can get this particular one for $189.99 on Amazon.

To show the greatness of the headphone, it has almost a perfect rating score and has several positive reviews.

Marshall Mid ANC: Stylish Noise Cancellation

best headphones for working from home

Working from home most time means you can be flexible.

However, with a headphone like Marshall, you can be flexible with style.

It is one of the stylish headphones with a fantastic design and feels.

On the leathered body of the headphone is the company’s logo, beautifully written.

The style of the headphone is similar to the style of Marshall’s amplifiers.

One strong point of the headphone is that it features an effective noise cancellation that helps to block out disturbance while working.

The on-ear wireless Bluetooth headphone gives you the freedom to roam around during calls.

And you can also multitask by working and babysitting.

It gives 20 hours of usage when the noise cancellation feature and Bluetooth are active, which is long-lasting.

So you can work for hours during the day and later charge for the next day.

To charge fully, it takes 3 hours.

However, it gives several more hours when ANC and Bluetooth are enabled.

The headphone gives a super robust sound quality that balances all the sounds ideally in terms of sound quality.

It also comes with inbuilt features that make things a lot productive and faster.

On the headphone is a built-in control button that encourages handsfree.

You can answer, end and make calls with just a simple button.

Also, it comes with two built-in noise reduction microphones that reduce the noise during conversations.

And it allows you to have solid and meaningful conversations.

You can get the headphone on Amazon for about $279.99, which is approximately $280.

Implications for you.

Indeed, you’ve been able to select one of the options of the best headphones for working from home and the best headset for working from home.

We are sure that whatever selection you have made from our list is worth every penny.

However, we want you to know that the claims of the headphones have no direct guarantee with Techuncode or the writer.

They are claims of the headphone that are selected carefully from reviews online.

Also, we want you to know that despite having good headphones, there are a lot of other measures you can put in place that would make working from home well for you.

Still, we trust that you would begin to do great, especially after selecting a headphone to buy.

If you are looking for a store to get any of the headphones, you can visit online stores like Jumia, Amazon, Konga and others.

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