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Bitcoin And Sports: Top Betting Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency

Register crypto in Nigeria, Bitcoin and Sport: Top Betting Site that Accept Cryptocurrency

The world is gradually accepting the reality that comes with the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and the sports industry isn’t left out either.

Just in a recent development, the transfer of prominent footballer, David Barrel, was completed via Bitcoin transaction.

The purchase of the former Real Madrid Player using cryptocurrency marks the first of its kind in the history of professional football.

While this marks another feat for cryptocurrency in general, it isn’t the first time that the digital asset will be introduced in the sports industry.

Giving that sports betting is also a macro entity of the sports industry, the use of cryptocurrency therein is not strange at all.

More so, in the wake of massive competition in the betting industry, more companies have resulted in the adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment option with Bitcoin being used primarily.

As such, the Bitcoin sports betting industry is also becoming a lot more competitive as more participants are coming on board.

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To stay relevant in this space, various vendors (online Bitcoin sports gambling sites) are conditioned to offer attractive incentives such as crypto bonuses, among other special benefits.

In the foregoing part of this article, we will explore the following:

  • Top Bitcoin betting sites, and their reliability level
  • Advantages of betting with Bitcoin over fiat currency

The top crypto sports betting sites

Generally, there are no significant differences between regular sports betting sites, and a crypto sports betting site.

Primarily, these platforms (bookmaker/sportsbook) are designed for users to engage in predicting activities; however, the mode of transactions differs.

While one makes use of the regular fiat currency, the other makes use of cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

Here, we have compiled the list of some reliable crypto sports betting sites that are available to punters:

1. SportBet

SportBet (Sportbet.io) is one of the most used and reliable crypto sports betting sites with numerous value propositions.

Bitcoin and Sport: Top Betting Site that Accept Cryptocurrency | Techuncode,com

The platform accepts payment using different alternative currency including Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, alongside 5 others.

Although, the site does not offer welcome bonuses like others, however, it offers a wide range of VIP benefits.


  • The site is legally-backed: Users can be assured of the safety of the funds.
  • Little or no complaint online which confirms that the site is reputable.
  • Solid user interface/experience: The site is neatly designed such that users can easily navigate all booking options without any complication.
  • 24/7 live support: Users who face any challenges can easily reach out to the customer care representative at any time of the day

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  • Massive Sponsorship: The site is highly recognized for sponsoring a lot of football clubs including Southampton FC (English Premier League), Watford FC (English Championship), and Flamengo (Brazil Serie A). The site is also the main betting partner of Arsenal FC (English Premier League) as well. With these high profiles of sponsorship, users tend to build trust for the platform
  • The site also receives fiat currency: In the event that a user is not willing to transact in cryptocurrency, there is also an option to use fiat currency.


  • No welcome bonus: Unlike other sites that offer up to a 100% welcome bonus, Sportbet does not offer such. However, users stand to enjoy other promotional benefits.
  • No Anonymity: Well, this might not necessarily be amius depending on how you see it. With the “no-anonymity” policy, users will have to provide proof of identity to withdraw funds.
  • Geo-restriction: Although it is quite unusual that the site is available in Nigeria, it is restricted to punters in several countries including the US, Australia, and Estonia.

2. Stake

This is another prominent crypto sports betting site that offers a wide range of benefits to users across various geo-locations.

Bitcoin and Sport: Top Betting Site that Accept Cryptocurrency | Techuncode,com

Similar to Sportbet, this site also offers a lot of predicting activity across various sports events including soccer, basketball, boxing, golf, among several others.

More notably is the site’s user interface which is well-tailored for both beginners and experts.


  • Easy registration: It is quite easy to register as a user on this platform, especially as you don’t necessarily have to provide proof of identity or any such document.
  • Users can play in anonymity: Here, users can deposit, stake, and withdraw without having to disclose their identity.
  • Void of online complaints: One way to be sure a platform is legit is if you can barely find any related complaints about the site online. Stake has successfully attracted very few complaints which were mostly resolved promptly.
  • Massive betting options: There are quite a lot of options to gamble on; each betting option also has a bunch of other options, and so on.
  • Live event option: Like most betting sites, you can also enjoy a lot of live events up to 20K + monthly.
  • Around-the-clock customer support: Users don’t have to worry in the event that they have to lodge a complaint. Here, customer service is available to users 24/7.
  • Instant withdrawal: Despite the slight complication that mostly comes with transacting cryptocurrency, Stake makes sure that users’ withdrawal isn’t delayed.
  • Appropriate user interface: The site is neatly designed to enable users to easily navigate through all betting options.
  • Massive VIP perks: While Stake doesn’t offer a welcome bonus, the platform constantly launches new promotions on a regular basis.


  • No live Streaming: Currently, the site has no option that allows users to live-stream events. It only offers live updates.
  • No welcome bonuses: Unlike most other platforms, Stake does not offer welcome bonuses to new users, instead, it launches promotional perks for VIP users alone.
  • Geo-restriction: Due to regulations and other acceptability protocols, Stake is currently not available to users in certain locations including the US, Australia, and the Czech Republic.

3. CloudBet

Launched as early as 2013, Cloudbet is one of the earliest crypto sports betting sites to thrive in the space.

Bitcoin and Sport: Top Betting Site that Accept Cryptocurrency | Techuncode,com

With a vast number of prediction activities, Cloudbet has been able to cover any and many sportsbook categories including every international sports event imaginable.

The platform offers a minimalistic interface that brings clarity to crypto sports gambling.


  • Easy to register: Cloudbet does not require a strenuous process to be on-boarded. Also, users can play in anonymity.
  • Minimalistic interface: The site is designed to have a modern look, plus it looks very spacious, further enabling users’ ease of navigation.
  • Wide range of sports events: Here users can have access to as many as 35 sports events which is quite a lot compared to what is being offered on other sites.
  • 100% welcome bonus: Users who are joining for the first time can get a double return on their first deposit if not more than 5BTC/BCH/ETH/PAXG. Users can as well get a 100% bonus on deposits of up to 1000USDT/USDC/DAI/PAX/LINK.

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  • Multilingual preference: The site can be translated in no fewer than 19 different languages from across the globe.
  • Around-the-clock support: Cloudbet also makes provision for 24/7 customer service, and as such, users can reach out for their complaints.
  • Great odds: Yes! Looking for a crypto sports betting site with fantastic odds, and you will be stocked with Cloudbet.


  • Absolutely Crypto-based: Cloudbet, unlike a few others that offer fiat support, strictly transacts with cryptocurrency.
  • Reputational concerns: After looking up complaints online; a couple of unresolved complaints popped up, attracting doubt to the reputation of the site. However, the site’s 24/7 customer support seems to be more active.
  • Strict access to VIP program: In most cases, users, find it pretty uneasy to participate in VIP program if they are not specifically invited by a VIP manager.
  • Geo-restriction: The site is currently restricted to some countries including the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

4. BetOnline

Betonline launched way back in 2004, however, introduced crypto betting along the way.

Bitcoin and Sport: Top Betting Site that Accept Cryptocurrency | Techuncode,com

The site has built a strong reputation for being one of the very few sites to accept cryptocurrency from US players. Of course, this unusual preference among US residents has further made the site more reliable.


  • Highly reputable: For almost two decades now, Betonline is reputable for various reasons including transparency, and consistency.
  • Accessible to a broader customer worldwide: Unlike majority of the crypto sports betting sites which restrict a lot of countries; Betonline accommodates customers from more locations including the US, and the UK.
  • Great bonuses: This site is also reliable in terms of bonuses, and it even gets more exciting when betting with Bitcoin which attracts exclusive offers.
  • Lots of betting events/ Massive odds:  There are tons of betting options to exploit, while the odds are also favourable in most cases.


  • Unattractive site: Although Betonline has been existing for a long time, no major overhauling has been done on the site over the years as it still looks old fashion.
  • No direct BTC betting: Though the platform accepts deposit of funds using bitcoin, users cannot stake with it directly. Instead, deposited crypto funds are converted to USD for use.
  • Non-fixed transaction value: Considering the volatility of cryptocurrency, users may have to deal with the issue of non-fixed value during deposit.

5. 1XBit

Launched sometimes in 2016, 1XBit is one of the most preferred crypto sports betting sites.

The startup features a wide range of sports events, promotional programs, among other benefits.

Bitcoin and Sport: Top Betting Site that Accept Cryptocurrency | Techuncode,com

The platform is not only exceptional because of its betting options, but also because it is the only crypt sports betting site that accepts more than 20 types of cryptocurrencies.


  • Easy registration: With a modern system comes easy access. Users can easily set up their accounts without any difficulty.
  • Anonymous betting: The site does not require any proof of identification to either deposit or make withdrawals.
  • Welcome bonus: Upon successful registration, users can get up to 100% return on first deposit as long as it doesn’t exceed 7BTC. Interestingly, users can enjoy this benefit on their initial 4 deposits.
  • Multilingual support: Due to its wider acceptability, the site is one of the very few with support for up to 60 languages.
  • Support up to 26 cryptocurrencies: Similarly, the site also supports up to 26 altcoins.
  • Worldwide VPN access: Despite being widely available around the world, 1XBit is restricted from certain countries, however, this can be bypassed with the use of worldwide VPN access which is supported on the site.
  • Sponsorship of reputable brands. The site is also recognized for sponsoring reputable brands like CoinMarketCap, further defining the site’s credibility.


  • Poor user interface: Although being a modern site, the user interface is not as exciting as other sites with better aesthetics.
  • Lack of legal details: The site failed to provide sufficient information as to whether it’s legally-backed or not. However, giving its numerous user base, it’s safe to say that not so many people bother about that.
  • Reputational concerns: The site has also faced various complaints online most of which are not publicly addressed or resolved.

Advantages of betting with Bitcoin over fiat currency

There are a lot of benefits attached to crypto sports betting, and they mostly apply to sites that allow users to stake using Cryptocurrency i.e Bitcoin.

First of all, Bitcoin is not a fixed asset, same as its value; as such the value of your winnings can either go up or reduce.

More so, the acceptance of Bitcoin on these platforms makes it easier to transact from anywhere across the world.

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Also, these platforms can double as a temporary wallet for your cryptocurrencies.

However, it is advisable not to store a large amount of cryptocurrency especially on sites with questionable reputations.

On the contrary, there are disadvantages of using these sites as well.

The prominent one among others is the devaluation of deposited value.

Furthermore, some of these sites are not entirely secure, especially as you can’t use sophisticated security features like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Overall, the use of crypto sports betting site requires a lot of risk-taking; and is not usually a good option for the faint-hearted.

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