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Durability Test: iPhone 13 Survives 70 mph Impact From Tesla Car



An iPhone 13 Pro Max takes on a Tesla car, this is what happens. (Source: @marvelwonderkat via Twitter) (@marvelwonderkat)

An iPhone 13 user has tested the durability of the phone by ramming it on a high-speed moving Tesla car.

The result shows that the smartphone is strong enough to survive a 70 mph high-speed impact from a Tesla car.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

And that experiment has been confirmed recently.

Recall that Apple had boasted that iPhone 13 is stronger than ever.

The Phone maker had made the claim while launching the new version a couple of months back.

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Evidently, looking at the ceramic shield display of the phone, you would agree that it is possible.

Also, the stronger stainless steel body of the smartphone’s Pro models make the smartphone brand a durable product.

But how do we ascertain the phone’s durability?

Well, a test has shown that iPhone 13 is durable enough to survive an impact from a speeding Tesla car.

The experiment:

Recently, a Twitter user, @marvelwonderkat, shared some photos of an iPhone 13 Pro Max ripping through a Tesla car.

The car was in high speed of 70 Meters per hour (113 kph) and collided with the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Result on the car:

The result showed the smartphone tore through the car’s bumper.

Also, it damaged the bumper in a way that can easily threaten the car’s engine.

The  iPhone put a hole in the rear bumper of the Tesla car.

This damage will surely make the car owner buy a new bumper.

Result on the phone:

The photos show that the iPhone 13 Pro Max got really broken.

It sustained some serious damage to its display.

Also, the impact shattered the phone’s display, putting a doubt on the durability of the phone’s Ceramic Shield display.

A screen protector that Apple installed on the iPhone versions protected the rest of the phone’s display from further damage.

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The twitter user who conducted the experiment tweeted thus:

““I thought it was a metal part of a car bouncing on the freeway.

“I also thought the loud sound I heard was it hitting my undercarriage.

“Stopped to Supercharge & this is what I found.”

“Anyone else ever have an iPhone 13 Pro Max empale their Tesla while driving 70mph on a freeway?”

“It bounced once on the pavement in front of me, and this is what happened.”

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Although the impact damaged the iPhone, it is not without mentioning that the smartphone fought hard against the oppressor.

So, the iPhone in your hand can actually be stronger than you even think.

Nevertheless, it damaged the device.


Well, Apple touted iPhone 13 is very durable.

As reliable as that claim could be, you must consider the following if you want to try that too:

  1. The phone got damaged.
  2. So, always put a case outdoors on your iPhone to minimize the damage.
  3. Also, don’t risk your iPhone 13 just because you want to get videos or photos for social media like TikTok, Instagram, etc.

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