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Facebook Upgrades Its News Feed With New Control

Facebook has announced that it would be upgrading its news feed with new features.

It said it would include a feature that would allow them to limit the comments on public posts; a feature that would make its feed convert to a chronological mode.

That is, users would be able to control whoever can engage on their comment through the comment section.

Also, users would be able to rank the latest content first before the older ones.

However, this is coming after Facebook has been going through a series of accusations and mistrust issues.

People believe the platform had not been transparent in its relationship with technology and the users.

During a statement by Facebook’s vice president of Global Affairs and Communication, Nick Clegg, he discussed some of the issues faced by the platform.

He mentioned that allegedly, people seem to believe that social media platform fuels polarization, exploit human weaknesses, and insecurities.

Also, they believe “Companies like Facebook need to be frank about how the relationship between you and their major algorithms really works. And they need to give you more control”

However, in its commitment to giving users more control of the platform and earn their trust, hence the new feature.

A mode that controls post ranking

Facebook had introduced the chronological mode a long time ago.

However, to give room for its algorithm to rank content on its platform, it abandoned the model in 2019.  It had been running on an Algoritmn that ranks contents, since then.

However, Facebook has moved the ‘most recent’ option to ‘field filter bar’.

This would enable users to prioritise posts from 30 of their friends and some set of selected people.

Facebook has decided to move on with its recent option to the top of the news field.

However, the feature would only be available to Andriod users now. The iOS version would be coming in next week, said Facebook.

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Twitter released a similar feature to block all replies

Early last year, Twitter released a similar feature.

The feature was to enable users to control who can reply to their posts.

Since cyberbullying was getting popular on its platform, the aim was to help people feel safe in participating in conversations on its platform.

It then created four different settings for users to select from. They are:

Global: allow anyone to respond.

Group: allow replies from people the users follow or mentioned.

Panel: allow replies from people mentioned.

Statement: not allow any replies


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