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Google Adds New AR Tools To Its Maps

Google Adds New AR Tools to its Maps
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It appears that Google isn’t done upgrading its maps. Just after adding a COVID-19  tracking tool, Google has a new addition – the AR tool.

Google’s latest addition to its maps will make it easier for users to get around.

Most Interestingly, the tool comes with a new reality.

In short, Google is making its maps capable of augmented reality.

The company recently revealed that it would soon release a tool that allows users to envision their location.

With the AR tool, users can see (like in real life) the exact location of a firm or bus stop.

Users of the maps will also see where they are going to, how long it’ll take to get there and the route to the place.

For example, if you were going to Aso Rock, you’ll see a blue dot in your camera, pointing at the right way to follow.

The AR tool comes as a follow up to a similar feature Google added last year.

That is the Live View feature in the maps that uses AR to show you around.

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The touch-up makes it possible for the Live View feature to use Modal Navigation.

With modal navigation, you can easily switch from “train mode” to “walking mode.”

If you were on a train and you alighted to use the walkway, the Live View feature would modify itself.

You can use Live View when you send or receive locations.

Additionally, Google is making location pins more precise by estimating elevations when they show on your phone.

The pins would be helpful when you’re going to a place with higher grounds than where you’re coming.

We’ve added images of how Google maps will show higher grounds below.

The photos show what it looks like on the street and what it looks like on the rise.

Google Adds New AR Tools to its Maps

If you’re wondering when you can get your hands on the feature, don’t worry.

Google will begin releasing the feature in weeks ahead.

As users will soon start to see travel routes and location sharing.

The new landmark feature in Live View, on the other hand, will first be available in 25 cities.

Google has said that it’ll be available to the 25 cities soon.

What are your thoughts about having augmented reality on Google Maps?

You can tell us in the comments section.

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