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Google To Allow Users Password-Protect Their Searches



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Google is very keen on its users’ privacy. It has made aware of its introduction of password protection,  a way for users to add a password to their web and app activity page.

The web and app activity page show users’ activity on their Google account and Google services like maps, search and plays.

Also, it includes the activities on sites, apps and devices that use Google services such as searches, watch on Youtube, downloads, bookmarks, and queries from Google assistant.

This is because Google uses the data to give users personalised information, fast searches, recommend apps, and content.

However, users can choose to delete the information or choose to save it, whichever way it is, depending on the user.

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Previously, anyone could access the activity page and see details of searches and activities on Google.

This might not be comfortable for many users, so they choose to delete the details of their searches through, which leads to the settings of a user’s activity.

However, with Google’s new activation of password protection, others won’t easily access an activity page except they know the password.

Although, this can only be functional if the password protection is activated.

To activate the feature, the user would have to go to and click on the manage verification link.

Then users can select the required verification option, save and enter their password to know that.

Also, you can take note of what Google is saving on your Google activity or if it is auto-deleted. If a user is not comfortable with the setting, they can go back to change the setting to their choice.

However, to deactivate the password protection feature for searches on Google, visit the site

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