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If You’re Using Google Chrome, Then Quickly Update Now Or…

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If you are using Google Chrome browser, then quickly update the browser now of risk cyber attacks.

GOOGLE has warned more than 3billion Chrome users worldwide to quickly update their browsers to avoid attacks.

It said Monday that it had released an emergency patch that includes 11 crucial security fixes.

The US tech giant designed the security patches to mend bugs in Chrome.

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It said if cyber criminals can exploit the browser if users don’t update.

Google confirmed in a blog post that one of the exploits, CVE-2022-0609, exists “in the wild”.

That means hackers are aware of the software flaw and are using it to launch attacks on unsuspecting users.

It’s rated as a “high priority” vulnerability that could enable an attacker to run code on a targeted computer.

Six additional vulnerabilities fixed in the update were marked as “high” priority, while one was marked as “medium”.

The severity of the remaining three remains a mystery. Vulnerabilities are marked on a scale from “low” to “critical” priority.

Critical flaws are generally those that require urgent fixing, typically because they expose the browser to malicious hackers.

Google did not go into detail on the nature of the patched issues, or what cyber sneaks could achieve if they exploited them.

This is standard industry practice to stop hackers from exploiting them before users have had a chance to update their browsers.

Its free update, which has been given the catchy moniker 98.0.4758.102, also includes stability and performance improvements, Google said.

The software patch will roll out for Windows, Mac and Linux “over the coming days/weeks,” Google said.

To make sure you’re safe, all Google Chrome users are advised to update as soon as possible.

How to update Google Chrome

To update your browser, open the Google Chrome browser and click the three vertical dots (More icon) in the top right.

Then, click Update Google Chrome.

However, if you cant find the option there, it means you’re already using the latest version.

Once you’ve updated, click Relaunch.

The browser will save your open tabs and windows and re-open them when it restarts.

Maybe you have many tabs open and are on something very important and urgent that you don’t need relaunch the browser now.

Don’t worry, you can also restart your browser later on by clicking Not Now.

When you relaunch the browser, the update will apply when next you restart the browser.

What you should know:

The More icon will be coloured green if an update has been available for two days.

Also, it will be coloured orange if an update has been available for four days.

It will be coloured red if an update has been available for seven days.


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