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InaugurationDay2021: Joseph Biden Sworn In As The 46th President Of The US

Tunbosun Oyinloye



US Presidential Inauguration 2021: President-Elect, Joseph Biden sets New Regime in Motion

Joseph Biden has taken the oath to serve as the 46th president of the United States of America officially terminating the reigns of Donald Trump.

Joe’s inauguration took place at the West Front of the US Capitol in Washington DC, marking the commencement of a 4-year term during which he will be serving alongside his vice, Kamala Harris.

Joe and Kamala who represents the Democratic Party have undoubtedly had a tough race against the Republican’s immediate ex-president right from the start of the campaign.

US Presidential Inauguration 2021: President-Elect, Joseph Biden sets New Regime in Motion

NDTV: Joe Biden Arrives At US Capitol For Inauguration As 46th President

Aside from the recent attempt to overturn the 2020 US presidential election, some of Trump’s unguarded statement also incited the storming of the Capitol by aggrieved supporters.

Due to the attack on the US Capitol, an extraordinary level of security was in place during the inauguration.

More so, both the election and inauguration is coming amidst one of the most vulnerable time in human history; and of course, the US political history.

Unlike with previous elections, people had to go out to vote amidst a pandemic birthed by COVID-19; a major economic dip; national security crisis, among other notable challenges.

Acknowledging these struggles, President-elect, Joe, on the eve of his inauguration led a national mourning ceremony in Washington in honour of those who lost their lives to the novel coronavirus.

“It’s hard sometimes to remember. But that’s how we heal. It’s important to do that as a nation. That’s why we’re here today.” Joe said.

“Between sundown and dusk, let us shine the lights in the darkness along the sacred pool of reflection and remember all whom we lost,” he added.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of cheering ongoing in the US already, even while a lot of people are still fitting into the new reality.

Donald Trump Bids farewell

Subjecting himself to fate, Donald eventually bids farewell to the White House while extending his wishes to the incoming US President, Joe Biden.

In his farewell speech, Trump had this to say:

“This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous,”

“I did not seek the easiest course… By far, it was actually the most difficult. I did not seek the path that would get the least criticism.”

“I took on the tough battles, the hardest fights, the most difficult choices, because that’s what you elected me to do. Your needs were my first and last unyielding focus,” he added.

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Trump eventually made his way out of the White House alongside the now-former First-Lady, Malania Trump; via a Marine One helicopter.

The couple was headed for Florida, and of course, a deliberate attempt to miss the inauguration event.

Joe and Kamala inauguration event

Click here to watch the live coverage of the event.

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