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Instagram Clones TikTok’s Duet, Calls It ‘Remix’ 

Instagram launches new TikTok-like feature
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Instagram has released a new feature called Remix. Quite frankly, it’s a lot like one of TikTok’s very popular features called “Duet”. 

Seriously, can everyone just pause with the cloning already? At least for the next few months. 

Only three weeks ago, Netflix came through with a short video sharing feature that worked just like TikTok.

The Streaming giant called it “Fast laughs”, and yes, it lives up to its name. Fast laughs could get you all cracked up in just about seconds.

While I find the contents under the Fast Laughs category enjoyable, the consumer in me craves a novel idea.

Hence my frustration at clones. That should be enough ranting for now. 

For those who do not know what the Duet feature on TikTok is, I’d show it to you.

Duet on TikTok

Looks familiar? Of course, it does. This was one of the major features that blew up TikTok.

With the feature, you can create a video next to one that already exists and upload both as one mixed video.

Now, this right here is what Instagram’s new “Remix” feature is all about. 

Instagram launched the new feature on Wednesday. 

How to access it

New to the Remix feature? Obviously, you are. We all are ‘cos it just launched. However, here’s how you can access it. 

  1. Look for the video you would like to remix. 
  2. Click on the hamburger button atop of it. The hamburger button is the three-dot button placed at the right, adjacent to the user name of the account holder. 
  3. Select remix this reel from the pop-up menu. 

You can create your remix reel in real-time using the record button at the bottom of the screen. However, you can also upload a pre-recorded video from your gallery.

You can edit the video using the tools lined up to the left. Once all is set, you can also increase/reduce the volume of the original video or that of your video, or even add a voice-over to create whatever effect you desire. 

According to a disclaimer from Instagram, new reels will be available for Remix by default. However, users will have to enable the Remix function for their old reels if they want it featured in a video mash-up.

It all started two years ago 

Instagram and TikTok have been at loggerheads since TikTok’s sudden rise and adoption two years ago.

Instagram’s first clone of a TikTok feature was with reels. Soon after, Instagram struck again when it stopped promoting TikTok reposts.

Looked more like a defensive technique though, embellishing the fact that business is war.  

Now that it has cloned the duet feature, we wonder what the streaming giant’s next move will be. 

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