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Japa: Nine Countries Offering Free Masters To Students

Japa: Nine Countries Offering Free Masters To Students, Japa: ASUU: Nigerians Spend N92 Billion On Foreign Education In Three Months
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Still on our Japa trend. This time, we bring to you nine countries offering free masters to students.

You know, many of our readers have asked us to help them with countries offering free or almost free education, especially masters degrees.

Note that in Nigeria, most people planning to migrate face the challenge of funding.

In fact, funding your japa movement to any other country is not an easy get.

Consequently, Japa is now looking as if it is only for the rich! But far from that.

Take it for free: You too can japa if you want to! You can even take the student rout.

However, according to an EU media, you will still need to have money for your living expenses.

But, we hope you still remember what Japa means? We wrote about it in our previous articles.

But, what exactly is Japa?

The term ‘Japa” refers to a common slang in Yoruba language – one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

It connotatively means the action of escaping from an unfavourable condition to a favourable one.

Denotatively, it means to escape the hardship and various conditions in Nigeria into a better place in other countries.

Nigerians believe that other countries have better economic and other conditions more than Nigeria.

Also, they believe that for anyone – Nigerian – to make it, such a Nigerian must leave the country for a greener pasture elsewhere in another country.

With the continuous depreciation of the Nigerian Naira against the U.S Dollar and other foreign currencies, Nigerians are considering japa.

Also, the worsening insecurity in the country, the brutality on the innocent by the security agencies, hardship and hunger in the land, moribund education system and the frequent shut down of academic institutions by the academic union – ASUU, over allowances which the federal government has failed to pay, resulting in the shut of universities and pausing of academic activities among several other issues are furhter pushing Nigerians, including especially young talents, to migrate or japa out of Nigeria for greener and better pastures elsewhere abroad.

While Canada and the UK are the major countries Nigerians have migrated to, these countries are not cheap to live in.

Since majority of the Nigerians migrating out of the country are entering other countries via the study rout, it still presents a challenge to those who don’t have the minimum amount to finance their japa.

Consequently, we see many talk about having interest to japa into another country’s education system to study, after which they can garner experience about the labour system of such country and try to enter and survive.

However, as we have continued to write in that line, many of our readers have asked us to write on countries offering free or almost free education to students, including foreign students, like Nigerians.

So, for those Nigerians who want to japa via the study rout but are looking for countries offering free or near free education, this report is for you.

Sit tight and keep reading. You really and surely wouldn’t want to miss this.

9 European countries offering free masters education:

It’s worth bearing in mind that some of the countries offer free masters to only EU, EEA and Switzerland nationals only while other nationals will pay, usually higher fees.

However, Norway, Iceland, Germany and the Czech Republic offer free tuition to all, regardless of your nationality.

Meanwhile, note that the information we provide in this report only covers public universities.

Private universities in these countries will require you to pay tuition and other fees which, most times, are very high too.

Countries offering completely free masters studies:

These are European countries that charge absolutely no fees – tuition or administrative to get a masters degree.

  1. Norway

Free for who: Everyone (EU, EEA and the rest of the world).

Norway is one of the countries in the world that offer free tuition to everyone, including foreign students from any part of the world.

Yeah, Norway is one of the only countries in Europe that doesn’t charge any fees to students, regardless of nationality.

Admin fees:

You may be required to pay a small semester fee of between €30 and €60 which will grant you membership to the universitie’s student welfare organisation.


We listed Norway first because, with some world-class universities and an enviable quality of life, Norway is an excellent postgraduate destination.

2: Czech Republic.

Free for who: Everyone (if you study in Czech!).

Czech Republic is another country in the world that offers tuition-free education to everyone, regardless of your nationality.

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If you are a Nigerian that wants to japa but don’t have the money for tuition, then you should consider Czech Republic or Norway.

Admin fees:

Meanwhile, although its tuition-free, you may pay tuition fees if you take longer than expected to complete your degree.


Czech-taught Masters are free to all.

However, you will pay some fees, though not always, if you want to study masters in other languages – English, French, German and Russian.

3: Denmark

Denmark is another country offering free tuition. However, this privilege is not for all.

Free for who: EU, EEA and Switzerland.

Only nationals of EU, EEA and Switzerland can enjoy completely free tuition masters education in Denmark.

Admin fees:

None. There is no form of fees to pay.


Although Denmark offers free Masters to EU, Switzerland and EEA students, people from the rest of the world will have to pay full tuition fees!

Meanwhile, whatever your nationality, you’ll be eligible for free Danish lessons – a pretty good way to settle into your new country!

4. Finland:

Free for who: EU, EEA and Switzerland.

Like Denmark, tuition-free Master education in Finland is equally only free for EU, EEA and Switzerland nationals.

For other students of the world, you have to pay the full tuition fees.

But this only became like this after 2018. But before then, other nationals too could get free masters.

Admin fees:

There may be a small membership fee for the student union


Unfortunately, Finnish universities no longer offer free Masters to all international students.

5: Sweden

Sweden is another country offering free masters to students. However, this benefit is not for all.

Free for who: EU, EEA and Switzerland

Admin fees: None.


Like Denmark and Finland, Sweden operates a free tuition fee policy for domestic and EU students, but other international students will have to pay to study a Masters.

6. Poland.

Poland is another country in Europe that offers tuition-free masters to students.

However, like Denmark and Sweden, Poland also does not offer free masters to everyone.

Free for who: EU, EEA and Switzerland

Admin fees:

Meanwhile, although Poland offers free masters, you will still pay some admin charges to some universities.

The admin fees could be up to €200 when you enroll.


Polish universities offer free tuition to European nationals, making its historic universities a great choice for adventurous postgraduates.

7: Austria

Also, Austria is another country offering free masters to students. But this is not for everybody.

As a foreign national outside EU, EEA and Switzerland, you will have to pay the full tuition fees to study in Austria.

Free for who: EU, EEA and Switzerland and cheaper to other nati0nals.

Admin fees:

Meanwhile, even if you fall under the category of the nationals to get free masters, you will still pay at least €20.70 per semester for student unin membership.

Meanwhile, if you are a national from other countries outside those eligible for the free education, you will pay tuition fees, though the fees are way cheaper.


Austrian universities extend free study to European nationals.

The only catch is that you’ll have to pay if don’t complete your programme within two semesters of the usual duration – in these cases you’ll be charged €363.63 per term.

Although students from the rest of the world do have to pay tuition fees, they’re still pretty low at €726.72 per semester.

Whatever your nationality, you’ll have to pay €20.70 per semester for student union membership (student health insurance is included in this administrative fee).

8: Iceland

Iceland is another country offering free masters education for all, regardless of your nationality.

Even if you are from Nigeria, you won’t pay any tuition fee to get your masters in Iceland.

Free for who: Everyone!

Admin fees: €500 annual registration fee


Icelandic public universities don’t charge any tuition fees, no matter where you’re from. However, you will have to pay an annual registration fee of around €500.

9: Germany

Yeah, Germany is another country offering free masters to every student, regardless of your nationality.

However, universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg charge tuition fees.

Free for who: Everyone (except for universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg).

Admin fees:

You will pay between €50 and €250 per semester to join student union.


Public universities in 15 out of 16 German states charge no tuition fees, regardless of nationality.

The exception to this rule is the state of Baden-Württemberg, which charges students from outside the EU €1,500 per semester.

You’ll also have to pay an administrative fee per semester. This varies from university to university.

However, this administrative fees will usually be between €50 and €250.

The fee covers your registration and includes student union membership as well as a regional transport pass!

This is very useful as the fee covers your transport fair.

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