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Microsoft’s Windows 10 October 2020 Update Is Out

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 20H2 update

Microsoft Corp. has come through with an upgraded version of Windows 10. The October 2020 Update of Windows 10 is available to a vast majority of users.

This new update is similar to the Windows 10 2019 November Update.

Just like the 2019 Update, this looks more like a service pack instead of a major release.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 had been installed on over a billion devices globally.

These distinct users will be able to enjoy a better experience with Microsoft’s new offerings from today. 

If you got the May 2020 Update before this new release, it’d take only a few minutes to complete the installation.

However, if you use an older version, it might take longer. An estimated 30 minutes or a little longer than should do. 

The changes 

The significant changes in the upgrade are; a simpler Start menu, new Alt + Tab functions.

In addition to this, the update features the Chromium-supported Microsoft Edge browser. 

The changes made to the Start menu are easily noticeable.

Compared to the previous versions, this Update’s Start menu looks bare, and this time, that might be a good thing.

As opposed to having backdrops behind icons and selecting solid colours behind tiles, this design takes out all the needless adornments. 

Functionally, everything works the same as in previous versions.

However, visually, things seem to be less clustered. With this design, users should be able to enjoy a better experience altogether. 

Microsoft has added a few layers to the function of the Alt+ tab combination.

Usually, the combination helps toggle between all opened windows.

Now, one can also use the combination to toggle between opened tabs in Microsoft Edge.

However, Microsoft asserts that users will still be able to revert to the primal Alt-Tab function.

Chromium-supported Microsoft Edge Browser

There’s also an intuitive feature for 2-in-1 devices (Devices that double as both laptops and tablets).

Users of these devices usually get a pop-up message to verify if they wish to switch to tablet mode anytime they disconnect their keyboards.

With the new update, they’ll no longer need to answer that question.

The switch will happen by default without any need for verification. 

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Other perks 

Another perk of the update is that it makes it easy for users to change refresh rates to suit every user scenario.

To switch the refresh rate from the settings panel, click on Settings > System > Display > Advanced Settings.

This will come in handy for Gamers.

Previously, users had to dig into NVidia or AMD’s App or dive into other settings to get this done. 

Also noteworthy is that you can now get to know what App sends each notification.

All notifications will carry the concerned App’s logo for easy identification and management. 

News Microsoft design

Can I install the update right away?

You might not be served with the update right away, says John Cable, Microsoft’s Head of Windows Servicing and Delivery.

As with many other cases, Microsoft will be rolling out the update gradually.

The essence of this is “to ensure a reliable download experience.” 

Some PCs might not be compatible with the program.

Therefore Microsoft will be holding the update from them until it’s convinced that these individuals will have a satisfactory update experience. 

If your device is compatible, check for the update by clicking on Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. 

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