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James Bond’s ‘No Time To Die’ Could Premiere On Apple TV

James Bond Movie, No Time To Die, Could Premiere On Apple TV
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It appears that James Bond’s “No Time to Die” will hit streaming services before theatres.

Apple is also top on the list to have it on its platform, Apple TV + first. 

What you need to know

No Time To Die was scheduled for release on April 10, 2020.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic had a different plan for the movie industry. 

A lot of movies scheduled for release in 2020 had to be pushed back because of the pandemic. 

The conditions surrounding the premiere of the movies in theatres were not favourable. 

The push back also came intending to wait out the pandemic.

Unfortunately, it seems as though it’s here to stay.

We’ve been here before

If you’re a “die-hard” James Bond fan, as well as Apple, you’ll notice that history is repeating itself. 

A few years ago, Apple made attempts to get buying rights for the Bond franchise. 

It was willing to pay billions of dollars for it. 

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The franchise’s deal with Sony expired, and Universal Studios took a stab at them. 

Besides Apple trying to get its hands on this James Bond movie, it has its hand on Tom Hank’s GreyHound

This addition is a big deal for Apple. However, getting No Time to Die will be an even bigger deal. 

If this deal works out for Apple, its viewership for Apple TV + is bound to increase. 

Netflix is also interested in James Bond

Netflix is also interested in having the movie on its platform. 

Both Apple and Netflix have more than enough resources to get No Time to Die on their platform. 

Techuncode will provide more news concerning the deal soon. 

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