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OPPO Reno5 F Review: Sleek, Bold, with more Functional Upgrades

The world-leading technology company, OPPO recently launched the latest addition to the Reno family – the OPPO Reno5 and 5F, both of which mark the latest debut for the mobile brand.

It would rather be cliché to say ‘as usual’ but yes! OPPO nailed it again as it came up with yet another set of upgraded pieces of smartphones.

The Reno Series is known for dishing new and upgraded design and aesthetics at every launch, and the latest addition to the family did not fail at that duty as well.

It is, however, important to buttress that the Reno5 F, as much as it is a debut flagship in the Reno Family, marks a continuity for the famous OPPO A-series.

Moving on, one of the notable and consistent upgrades on the Reno series over the last couple of years is associated with the camera setup.

The initial Reno flagship series debuted a sharkfin/rising camera – first of its kind, while the latest, although a continuation of the A-series, even boasts of more advancement, especially in terms of functionality.

Beyond the camera setup, OPPO has also done a lot of optimization in terms of the overall design as well as performance-wise.

However, just before we dive into the full phone review, find out what’s in the Reno5 F box below;

  • Type-C USB cable
  • SIM ejector
  • Charging Break
  • Silicon Pouch
  • Headphone

Apparently, the new Reno5 F comes with about the same accessories as the previous Reno models even though most smartphone companies are cutting down on their add-on accessories.

Anyway, stay glued to the screen while we walk you through a proper review of the OPPO Reno5 F in the foregoing part of this post.

OPPO Reno5 F Design

The OPPO Reno5 F design exhibits a lively theme that makes the device very spotty and unique to identify at an initial glance.

Measuring approximately 7.8mm in thickness and 172g in weight, the new Reno generation is about the same size as its predecessor, hence, retaining the loving sleekness we experienced previously.

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The world-leading technology company, OPPO recently launched the latest addition to the Reno family – the OPPO Reno5 and 5F, both of which mark the latest debut for the mobile brand.

Another highlight of the Reno5 F design is colour application; here, the brand seems to make use of its own homegrown colour grading – flowing light design (FLD).

The flowing light design as termed by the company exhibits a matte yet glossy texture that is glare-free, slow shifting and soft.

Marking a deviation from the traditional gradient colour scheme used on most Android devices, the FLD comes in different trendy colours – Fluid Black and Fantastic Purple.

In addition, the new design also introduces new innovations like anti-fingerprint technology; this means your fingerprint fades away after touching the device.

Moving on to the rear camera layout, the OPPO Reno5 F sports a wider frame than its predecessor, the OPPO A93 which featured fewer camera lenses in its own case.

Also, aside from featuring a quad-camera setup, the Reno5 F sports what appears to be an AI sensor, further adding to the length of the rear camera frame.

More so, the company deviated from its known approach by positioning the device’s flashlight slightly apart from the main rear camera frame.

Interestingly, aside from the rear camera setup and the flowing light design, there are just a few things that have changed in regards to the newly onboarded Reno generation.

The new device still maintains the same position for the physical buttons – power button on the right; volume keys and SIM jack on the left.

At the bottom of the device, OPPO still maintains the regular arrangement for the speaker grill, Type-C charging port, mouthpiece, and headphone jack.

Overall, the OPPO Reno5 F possesses a unique design and most importantly, debuts a new iteration for colour grading on an android device.

OPPO Reno5 F display and security

The Reno5 F display sports a 6.43” OLED screen with a 5.69mm single hole-punch front camera, allowing for better screen optimization.

The Reno5 F is more user friendly when it comes to enjoying immersive gaming, video, and social media user experience.

Similarly, the latest Reno5 F boasts of a more narrowed down bezel than any of its predecessors; this puts the device screen-to-body ratio at 90.8%, a number that’s highly competitive in the industry.

Also, the display serves other functions as it buries the fingerprint sensor beneath the screen; although this is not entirely new, certain upgrades have been made to ensure accuracy.

The latest in-display fingerprint unlock technology is categorized as the third generation and it introduces an updated light compensation technology according to the company.

What this means for Reno5 F users is more security as the update is built on a hardware-based anti-counterfeiting technology.

With this new technology in place, it is more difficult for third-party users to gain access to the device, thanks to the anti-counterfeiting feature which uses a sensor to distinguish between a real finger and a fake one.

In comparison, this new solution is a far more advanced alternative to the traditional side or back fingerprint sensor, especially in terms of speed and accuracy.

OPPO also put in a lot of effort in ensuring that the display is user-friendly, especially during outdoor use, and at night.

The device comes with an all-day AI-based eye comfort feature that enhances the screen’s visibility so that users can see their screens clearly in the daytime even under strong sunshine.

Similarly, there is a Moonlight Screen feature that automatically dims the screen, setting it to the lowest brightness – up to 2 nits. This prevents users from straining their eyes, especially while streaming a movie at night.

There is also an AI Backlight feature that automatically adjusts the backlight settings throughout the day. This is made possible as the feature learns how the user manually adjusts the brightness in different lighting conditions.

According to OPPO, the combination of a Sunlight Screen and Moonlight screens offers All-day AI Eye Comfort and becomes more tailored to a user’s preferences the more they use their phone over time.

OPPO Reno5 F Camera

The latest Reno generation is another attempt for the company to showcase its years-proven experience in dishing out the best cinematic experience possible.

The Reno 5 F features a 32MP front-facing camera and a 48MP quad rear-facing camera consisting of a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, 2MP macro camera and a 2MP mono lens.

In comparison, the Reno5 F, unlike its predecessor – A93, pushes the camera attributes to the extreme, offering better output quality and of course, more upgraded functionalities, especially when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Some of the innovative camera features introduced by the Reno5 F includes first-of-its-kind AI colour portrait video, Dual-view video, and AI-powered portrait photography.

The AI colour portrait video is an upgrade to the AI portrait picture mode that previously debuted on the A93, however, in this case, the upgraded feature works with filming a video on the Reno5 F.

Just like when the background of an object is blurred out when taking a picture, the AI portrait video also retains the object’s actual colour while every other thing shares a monotone colour.

You would agree that a lot of processes must have gone into achieving this amusement of a video feature compared to a static image.

More interestingly, the feature works real-time, meaning that you can preview the final outcome even on the go.

There is also the Dual-view video mode; this, of course, is one of the best upgrades made to the Reno5 F camera, and it feels even cooler considering that the outcome is flawless.

The dual-video mode is debuting for the very first time on an OPPO device, and the Reno5 F is the lucky model to get it at the initial rollout.

With this feature, users can capture moments both with the front and rear camera simultaneously and guess what? The output is amazing.

You get to either view the two moments as a picture or play it as a video, hence, no one is missing out from both sides.

Imagine trying to capture your favourite music artist during a live performance; instead of struggling to get that selfie amidst many crowds, just can simply opt for the dual-view mode, easing the process of capturing ‘me and my celebrity’ moment or in other similar scenarios.

The AI-powered portrait photography for many reasons is also an important highlight of the Reno5 F camera, which like the earlier reviewed features is also powered by quad cameras.

Unlike before when you have to go through a dedicated process to apply AI, the new upgrade allows the feature to be utilized by default, further amplifying four images when necessary.

Although the feature is not entirely new but the effect of the upgraded AI feature will definitely blow your mind.

Other notable camera features of the Reno5 F

Other notable camera feature as spotted on the Reno5 F includes a monochrome video mode that highlights a single RGB colour in a video;

Dynamic Bokeh is another newly-introduced effect that adds a special kind of dazzling effect at the background of the captured moment;

Night Plus feature, although not entirely new, however, comes with smart upgrades in form of filters – cosmopolitan, Astral, and Dazzle, three of which spice up moments captured at night, adding a more professional feel to the outcome;

Night Flare Portrait is another masterpiece feature from the OPPO lab, and just like the name implies, combines the experiences of the bokeh mode with a low-light HDR and that of a powerful lens flare enhancement algorithm.

The output here equals an improved dynamic range of the photo with a refined colouration, one that is not oversaturated either short of appropriate lightning.

There is also an AI scene enhancement 2.0, an upgraded edition of what we had in the previous Reno models. The feature with the help of AI.

L-R; Selfie taken with HDR turned off (L) and on (R)

Similarly, OPPO introduces what it tagged as AI Beautification 2.0; for new users, this might be an entirely new experience, however, for others, it’s an upgrade to a pre-existing feature.

With the new update, every object in an image (say a group picture) gets to look its best as the upgraded feature enhances the natural beauty of individuals in their photos.

Guess what? So Loop also got a taste of the upgrade and the old users will probably notice the difference here.

Like before, So Loop turns captured footage and photos into shareable movie-quality clips, however, with the latest update users tend to experience a more cinematic output than ever.

OPPO is surely in for the photographers this time around, and its progressive effort is quite evident in the new applicable AI colour portrait feature.

The AI-based feature adds more life to captured moments, retaining and further enhancing the natural colours of the subject of the photo. Check out the image below.

Image: Portrait image taken with Reno5 F front camera

The feature also adds a monochrome black and white filter that blends the background of the subject, further allowing for a popping outcome with, of course, more focus on the subject.

Filter! Filter! Filter! Users of the new device are definitely not going to run out of that as the Reno 5 F offers a selection of no fewer than 15 filters in different themes and styles.

Users will also not have a hard time trying to understand which filter to use as they are all accompanied by unique names that can be easily registered, especially if a favourite one has been chosen.

Lastly, more upgrades have been made with regards to camera stabilization; OPPO’s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) algorithm can now detect shakes far better than before.

While the feature can be applied pre-shoot, it can as well be applied manually to an already shot footage so that your perfect moments don’t end up in achievements.

Overall, the Reno5 F camera comes with more physical and functional upgrades, while it brings a new photography dimension based on Artificial Intelligence.

Here are more picture testimonials to back what we have said so far.

L-R: Landscape image taken with ultra-wide lens turned on (L) and off (R)

OPPO Reno5 F Performance

Powered by the latest MediaTek Helio P95 AI processing unit, the Reno5 F boasts of about a 10% increase in benchmark performance compared to the previous generations.

This significant upgrade counts for a more improved and suitable performance which is quite evident in the overall smooth operation of the device.

Also, compared to the previous A93 model, the new device accounts for at least 30% faster app loading duration, coupled with a lowered touch delay response by approximately 13.75%.

The physical buttons are not left out as well as they also got about 41.41% boost in response duration, accounting for an overall faster operation for the device.

With a very fast-responsive system comes a super amplified multi-cooling system which allows for better heat dissipation.

Interestingly, the current heat dissipation capacity on the Reno5 F has been optimized by about 21.9%, translating to a better efficiency.

More dedicatedly, the heat dissipation has also been optimized for certain tasks such as browsing, and let’s say video editing by up to 55.3%; same for camera apps to about 11.4%.

According to the company, this optimization which is quite an upshot from what we are familiar with was made possible using a high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy.

Breaking down the process by which the aluminum alloy work seems complex, however, in simple terms, the presence of these features make the latest addition to the Reno generation far stronger than any of its A-series counterparts.

Also, due to the upgrade made to the heat dissipation, Reno5 F now comes with a temperature sensor embedded all through the device, actively helping in detecting the flow of heat across the entire device system.

More so, Users can worry less about lags or any aftermath effect of long-term use of the Reno5 F device.

OPPO has brilliantly configured its proprietary System Performance Optimizer (SPO) in the device to enable Reno5 F to function with reduced lag over the duration of the phone’s life cycle.

Interestingly, the SPO feature optimizes different functions of the device some of which cut across app downloads, improved animation, reducing residual memory usage, and optimizing the resource allocation of background processes among others.

In terms of storage, the Reno5 F sports an 8GB of RAM and up to 128GB storage which is expandable by up to 256GB via SD Card.

The storage isn’t any different from what we had on the predecessor – OPPO A93, however, it’s quite enough space required by an average user.

Overall, the performance of the Reno5 F is at the peak of the evolution which spans several generations, and of course, speaks volume about how OPPO is working hard behind the scene.

OPPO Reno5 F Video and Sound Output

The Reno 5F offers its users one of the best cinematic experiences on an Android device, and it will mostly be a top choice for many, thanks to the device’s 4K and HD resolution pixel.

Watching a movie on the device is quite a unique experience, and guess what? The device makes use of an AI-based Eye Comfort feature tailored to a user’s preferences over time.

As for sound, the Reno5 F comes with a cavity-design single loudspeaker and a Real HD sound that is based on Dirac.

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While the device’ sound is very audible and dynamic, it adds to the overall cinematic experience enjoyed by users especially during a gaming session, or perhaps when binging a movie.

OPPO Reno5 F introduces Upgrade Colour OS

Although running on the latest Android OS 11, the Reno5 F also comes with OPPO’s default Operating System, the latest Colour OS 11.1 which has been upgraded to bring more efficiency to the device in terms of user experience (UX).

To start with, OPPO took its screen privacy feature to the next level by implementing new features like private safety which can be very handy in the event that a user lost their device.

There is a screencast privacy shield feature that is applicable when a user is casting the screen of the device on another device like a smart TV. Here, when the feature is turned on, notifications received on the device will not appear on the casted screen.

You can also Share phones without privacy risks with the new App Lock feature. More like hiding an app, this feature has your selected apps encrypted with a password so that you don’t have to worry about privacy.

The ColorOS 11.1 also brings dedicated upgrades for gaming on the device; there is a Game Floating Window feature that allows you to minimize a gaming app to play another or perhaps open other apps like email. However, while your game is minimized, it keeps running until you are back to it.

There is another feature OPPO called Bullet Screen Message which allows users to disable incoming notifications so as to fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience. On the other hand, a user may miss out on important messages while in the action, however, if you are not expecting any, then this is certainly a good feature to implement during a gaming session.

Similar to how Bullet screen message works, OPPO’s new Game Focus Mode outrightly blocks out or perhaps disables all forms of distractions including notification bars, incoming calls, navigation gestures, alarms and even on-screen volume prompts.

One more interesting feature dedicated to gaming is what the company called Gaming Shortcut Mode. You would agree that Gaming can be storage intensive, not to mention the slow-paced loading time in the beginning in some cases.

The Gaming Short Code feature, however, hastens the load time of a gaming app by reserving virtual memory for frequently played games. What this implies is that such games keep running in the background even after exiting.

Also, this mode automatically skips some time-consuming intros like splash-screen logos, gaming intros and tips.

Other efficiency upgrades that come with the ColorOS 11 include FlexDrop, a feature that’s capable of minimizing an app’s screen such that it can be reopened at a later time, without closing the app entirely.

Lastly, OPPO users can now take advantage of OPPO’s ecosystem Nearby Sharing feature to share documents with friends or other users with similar features.

Here, unlike with Bluetooth and other third-party sharing apps, users enjoy a faster sharing time.

OPPO Reno5 F Battery Life

It isn’t surprising that OPPO keeps finding ways to make life even better for more people, and this is quite evident in the OPPO Reno5 F battery life.

Powered by a large 4310 mAh built-in battery which is probably not as large as some would have desired, considering the chances of getting more, however, the Reno 5 F introduces OPPO’s 30W VOOC flash charge 4.0 technology that is capable of charging the device from 0 to 100% in just 56 minutes.

Interestingly, with as little as 5 minutes’ charge, users can enjoy up to 3.2 hours of talk time, 1 hour of social media, and about 3 hours of binge watch on YouTube or Netflix.

In other scenarios, a fully charged Reno5 F can last up to 24 hours (1 day) under fairly active use with the internet turned on.

However, activities such as active gaming, video recording and 4K video rendering could easily down the battery juice, although not so hastily.

Specifically, I played Asphalt 15 on the device when it was fully charged for about 1 hour 30 minutes, and I lost only about 18% of the battery at the end of the gaming session.

Honestly, if you ask, I would say that’s fair enough, considering that I was playing on the highest screen resolution at 4K.

Also, to ensure that users enjoy an optimized battery for as long as possible, OPPO introduces what it called Battery Guard, allowing for safer charging during the day and at night.

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The battery guard basically ensures that the battery does not overcharge at night, often in the event that a user has slept off and could not possibly stay up to unplug the device.

On the other hand, the 30W VOOC Fast Charge 4.0 technology ensures a stable and fast charging speed during the day.

Overall, the Reno5 F battery is not the biggest you do come across, however, offers one of the best capacity for a smartphone within its price range.

OPPO Reno5 F Price and Availability

Priced at ₦129,900, the OPPO Reno5 F will be available in two different colours – Fluid Black and Fantastic Purple.

Interested buyers can visit any OPPO accredited retail outlet or  Nigeria’s foremost e-commerce platform – https://www.jumia.com.ng/mlp-oppo-store/ to pre-order the new Reno5 F until the 21st March 2021 and get a FREE power bank valued at N15,900.

You can as well visit OPPO’s official website on www.oppo.com/ng or their social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook respectively for further information about any device of your choice.

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