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oraimo To Launch FreePods 3 In Q3, 2021

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Series of oraimo pods have come and gone and Nigerians have bought into the rave of the series of spectacular products they continue to churn out, but oraimo isn’t resting on its oars.

When it comes to listening to customer’s feedback and improving on their products, oraimo is on top of delivering innovation.

The FreePods 2 came with a bang and Nigerians got endeared to it in a flash.

But while Nigerians enjoyed the quality audio experience that the product afforded, there were also mixed feelings.

Taking in all the feedback, oraimo went back to the drawing board to start working on making modifications and adding new features to offer customers a better and improved listening experience.

Several speculations in the tech space talk about oraimo readying itself to usher in a masterpiece that not only improves on the existing predecessor but is packed with more exciting features that will wow consumers.

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If these speculations end up being true, then its best to say that oraimo has certainly outdone itself this time with the new raimo FreePods 3.

“When it comes to EarPods that fit and ticks all boxes, oraimo FreePods 3 is at your beck and call,” One of our sources said about the impending FreePods 3, and with the new product set to be launched, you are not only getting an affordable EarPods but one that is as quality as aesthetically pleasing.

Other industry sources even speculated that the oraimo FreePods 3 is expected to spot a beautiful appearance that will be an envy to all EarPods. According to them, its ergonomic designs, polished rounded edges would give your ears a welcoming grip they would never want to let go of.

Where some earbuds may falter in the aspect of not considering all ear shapes and sizes, oraimo FreePods 3 will make up for these lapses with its S/M/L 3 size ear tips that give the ear canal the comfort it deserves.

Permit me to tell you that something big is coming out of oraimo’s magic hat.

A few days back, another source with a good track record of scoops in the electronics space tipped us and said “oraimo has gone a notch further to make the FreePods 3 better with the “Convertible in-ear and half in-ear”. This is designed to make the appearance and feel very comfortable. In a nutshell, you are in for the best from the stables of oraimo this September.

Yes, that’s right people!!! oraimo FreePods 3 is set to be launched at 7 pm on September 28, 2021, and a discount awaits you when you make an order on this day, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this mouth- watering opportunity.

Guys, it’s not every time you get an ear pod that is affordable and gives you all the quality you need. This is what you get with the oraimo FreePods 3. You only have to hear the difference to tell.

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