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Samsung’s Next Galaxy Buds May Imitate Apple-Like Surround Sound Feature

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Buds may Feature Apple-like Surround Sound Feature

A new leak of the Galaxy Buds Pro confirms that the wearable may feature a surround sound similar to that of Apple Airpods pro.

While the Galaxy Buds Pro is due for launch in 2021, there are currently three Buds models, including the original Buds, Buds+, and the recently launched Buds Live.

Take note that the Buds Live is the only Samsung Buds to have featured an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

However, a fourth model rumoured to be joining the league pretty soon may also share in the ANC bliss.

Additionally, according to the leaked patent, the Bud Pro appears to feature a new design that will improve passive noise cancellation, something that’s missing in previous models.

More importantly, the reliable source claimed that the wearable will now feature 3D spatial audio.

Although missing the 3D title, Apple Airpods Pro also boasts of the same spatial audio.

The best guess is that the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro’s 3D spatial audio feature might also work alike, if not better.

Looking closely at the leaked render, Samsung seems to have horridly dumped the beans-like shape as with the previous model.

The upcoming model shares a resemblance with the 2nd generation Bud+ with a slight touch of Bud Live.

What’s different?  

According to the leaked render, the upcoming Galaxy Bud model appears to be comfier than any previous model.

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Buds may Feature Apple-like Surround Sound Feature | Techuncode


Here, there is a soft in-ear tip that will allow the buds to sit comfortably in the user’s ear.

This is in addition to the fact that the buds is somewhat shaped (triangularly) to fit perfectly on the exterior part of the ear (concha).

The render also indicates that the wearable will be available in black, white, and soft blue/purple colour.

About the 3D spatial audio feature

While most of the features that will be debuting on the upcoming Galaxy Bud models aren’t entirely new, the 3D spatial audio struck a chord.

Interestingly, according to the leaked render, the feature will only be limited to Samsung devices running on the latest Android 11.

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Similar to what’s available on the Airpods Pro, the 3D spatial audio will reportedly stimulate the Surround Sound System.

Hence, the feature enables a continuous change in the direction from where the audio is coming from based on your head’s movement and your phone position.

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Buds may Feature Apple-like Surround Sound Feature | Techuncode

Source: Github

If you are familiar with the Airpods pro, you would agree that the feature is not a big deal than Apple’s spatial audio system.

Currently, we don’t have sufficient details on the mechanism that will be used in the Galaxy Buds pro model.

However, giving that the Airpods pro uses an accelerometer in the earbuds to adjust the audio, we can envisage something of that nature for the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Other features of the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro

Another interesting feature of the upcoming Galaxy Bud Pro is what the leaked render addressed as “Voice Detect.”.

The feature is capable of lowering the media volume once it detects your voice.

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Buds may Feature Apple-like Surround Sound Feature| Techuncode

Source: Github

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More so, as seen in the image above, the voice detect is also capable of turning on the audio pass once you instruct it to do so.

Additionally, there is a dedicated setting for people with hearing disabilities.

The sound balance allows folks with differential hearing problems to regulate the left/right sound to meet their hearing needs.

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Buds may Feature Apple-like Surround Sound Feature | Techuncode

Source: Github

Just like with the previous models, the upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro houses an ANC with an ambient sound option, notification readouts, customizable touch controls, a “Find my Earbuds” option, among others.

Pricing and availability 

You can expect the Buds Pro to arrive sometime in January 2021 alongside the Galaxy S21 smartphones.

As for the pricing, giving that the Buds + and Buds Live sold at about $150 and $170, respectively, the upcoming model might also sell within the price range.

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