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Snapchat: iOS Users To Add Music To Their Snaps

Snapchat now lets iOS users add music to their Snap

Snapchat is launching a new feature named “Sounds,” that allows iOS users of the social app to add songs to videos they make.

This automatically sets Snapchat in motion for competition with the likes of Instagram and TikTok.

Snapchat began working on Sounds in August and will now make it available to iOS users first.

The feature has been available to iOS users in Australia and New Zealand.

And in August, the messaging app said it’ll roll out the feature to other areas.

According to the company, testing will soon be in effect, and people worldwide would soon be able to use Sounds.

The feature wouldn’t entirely be like TikTok, on the other hand.

It’ll be missing TikTok’s typical feeds of memes, dance moves and popular content.

Just like on Instagram, other people viewing a snap with music can swipe up for more details.

People would be able to see the song’s name, artist, and album.

They will also be able to listen to the song on services like Apple Music, Sound Cloud and Spotify by hitting “Play This Song.”

Users of Sound can add songs before or after recording the video.

This can be done by selecting the crochet icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

They can also pick from a library of songs.

As an alternative, users can pick a song from the songs list after they’ve taken a picture on Snapchat.


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Snapchat has made no mention of its music library’s size except using the phrase “robust and curated.”

Furthermore, the company said its licensing deals account for tracks from different record groups.

The record groups include; Warner Chappell Music, Warner Music Group, BMG Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, among others.

Snapchat is also trying out users’ ability to make their own Sound and add it to their snaps.

A feature that is precisely similar to one of TikTok’s many features.

Snapchatters around the world should begin making their own sounds in months to come.

Sounds is a feature that users have long expected. Long enough for them to turn to other social platforms to get it.

These social platforms would include Instagram and TikTok, who have been quick to improve their apps.

They both have continued to grow their user base with a feature like Sound long before Snapchat.

This would have meant that Snapchat would lose some of its young users to apps with music inclusion.

Snapchat had to stay in the competition, hence, adding music to the Snapchat app.

And like many other features that Android users get secondhand, Sounds just made the list.

Interestingly, Snapchat will launch Justin Beiber’s song, Lonely, ft Benny Blanco.

It will exclusively be available on Snapchat until it is released on October 16.

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