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TikTok Appears To Be Worth Up To $30 Billion, Based On What Microsoft Is Willing To Pay



TikTok might lose it soon

With all the back and forth that TikTok has been receiving, it seems like they’re getting closer to being out of control.

Various news stories have come up about Microsoft’s intention and partnership with the US government to purchase a part of TikTok’s market. 

When and how much?

Microsoft and TikTok are currently in talks concerning the finalization of the contract that should take place within the next three weeks. With September 15th as the deadline.

TikTok Appears To Be Worth Up To $30 Billion, Based On What Microsoft Is Willing To Pay

Although, both companies have not concluded the price TikTok would be sold and bought for. 

The information we have however stated that the price would be from $10 billion to $30 billion. 

The Trump Administration is involved

With all the ruckus going on, do you want to know something? The Trump administration is largely involved! Trump stated that whatever acquisition is gotten from the buy, the United States Treasury would be entitled to a cut. 

It sounds pretty outrageous, right? We know! That is why there are conversations as to whether or not this deal will work or if it’s even legal.

Wealth and status quo

Best believe a lot of companies do not have what it takes to transfer such large amounts of data to its database. But not Microsoft, to afford what TikTok is worth us such a big deal. 

Microsoft’s intention to transfer the software from TikToks’ data could be the big break that could finally take Artificial Intelligence to the next level. 

You must already be aware of Microsoft’s position in the world as a leading technology giant. If they go ahead with this deal, it would solidify their position as a leading contender.

What are they buying?

In a blog post on Sunday, Microsoft stated that they have been in contact with TikToks’ parent company in China, ByteDance, and have made their intentions known for buying their businesses in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Just as we stated above for you, the Trump Administration has a hand in this. TikTok was accused by them (the Chinese owned application) of stealing data from Americans and sending it to the Chinese government. 

TikTok has disclaimed all allegations.

He went further to say that ByteDance would be permanently banned if they do not sell a part of their company market to an American company by September 15th. 

So, if you’re still using TikTok and making 15-second videos, we’re not sure how you must be feeling, but hang in there okay? 

We’re not asking you to delete TikTok from your device, but you know what to do.