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Twitter Now Lets You Add Automatic Caption On Video Tweets

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The microblogging app has released a new feature that allows automatic caption on videos for users.

It made the announcement on Tuesday.

The company explained that only new videos uploaded on the platform would appear on the feature.

However, the feature would not appear on older videos with captions.

Also, Twitter said that the feature would be available globally on all platforms; iOS, Android, web, and desktop.

And it would be available in almost all languages.

However, there might be a downside to the feature.

The videos could be captured inaccurately or wrongly, and there is no way to report that.

Responding to this, a Twitter spokesman tells a media house that the company is always looking to improve accessibility for users.

Interestingly, the statement happens to be true.

Twitter creates a team for accessibility.

Over the years, Twitter has been looking for ways to improve accessibility for users.

When it launched its voice tweet in 2020, there were complaints about no captions.

The company realised its mistakes through the help of a software engineer, Andrew Hayward.

He had clarified that there was no dedicated team, but some of the normal staff had just dedicated time to accessibility issues.

“Just to clarify, given that this seems to have gained some traction…

we are volunteers in so much as the work we do is notionally on top of our regular roles, rather than being full time.

We are all otherwise paid employees – Twitter is not outsourcing unpaid labour!”

After Twitter announced to create a team focused on accessibility.

And later, they added captions to voice tweets.

Also, the team has added voice caption to its clone app, Space.

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What then would this mean?

This means that the now dedicated accessibility team would correct any wrong caption on videos.

And this would be good news for everyone using Twitter, as you can now have automatic captions on your videos.

And it is going to be available globally in all languages.

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