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Twitter’s New Service Might Allow You Undo Tweets



Twitter down for longer than expected over the weekend.

Twitter has been launching several products to make its platform a lot conducive for any user. The latest exploitation to give the best experience was reported to offer a new subscription service on app stores. This service would allow users to undo Tweets.

Already reports have said that “Twitter Blue” is listed as an in-app purchase on the app store of the  US for $2.99 and the UK for £2.49. But it isn’t yet available to any user.

However,  Twitter hasn’t responded to any of the ongoing online reports. Although it had previously, it had given a hint in a previous announcement.

It announced that it would be working on new features for paid subscribers.

Twitter, however, has listed a new subscription on its service. Also, it had previously mentioned that it is working on a special package for paid subscribers.

Asides, there has not still been no clue of what countries the service would be offered to.

However, it would be offering its services every soon.

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Popular Tech Blogger Jane Manchun Wong had also tweeted concerning the feature. She described herself as one of the first paying users of the platform.

She tweeted, Twitter confirms “Twitter Blue”, which costs $2.99 per month by publicly including such In-App Purchase on the App Store For testing, I’ve become the first paying Twitter Blue customer Twitter Blue comes with Color Themes as well as custom App Icons Reader Mode coming soon.”

Twitter launches Tip jar

Last month, Twitter had announced to be launching a service that allows creators to be paid.

This was part of its commitment to support users who are creators on its platform to earn.

The feature would allow creators to be paid or tipped by users who find their tweet intriguing.

The company had described it as “an easy way to support the incredible voices that make up the conversation.”

Although it would only be available to a listed group including creators, experts, non-profit, and journalists.

Users would see a small icon added to their profile, accessible only with a mobile device. When you click on it, you will see a dropdown menu for payment platforms.

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