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Uber Launches Safety Feature To Verify, Protect Riders, Drivers




Uber has launched a new safety product to verify cash riders.

Uber calls the safety initiative, “Rider Selfies.”

The Ride-hailing platform said the Tide selfies will improve safety of drivers and riders during trips on the roads.

How it works:

According to the company, “Rider Selfies” works by prompting riders to share a selfie before requesting their first cash trip.

Uber says riders must take a selfie of one person alone with no face coverings.

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Consequently, riders must remove their sunglasses, face shields and masks.

Also, the company said riders must take live photo shot of themselves and not use photos from phone’s library.

Similarly, Uber said the Ride Selfie works with another verification system that authenticates a rider’s photo with their Facebook account.

What it means is that when a rider takes a selfie with Uber’s Ride Selfie, the rider’s Facebook account confirms the photo as matching.

This clearly uses facial recognition to make the verification and it happens in just seconds.

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Country Manager, Uber Nigeria, Tope Akinwumi, explained as follows:

“Safety is important to Uber—whether a person is in the backseat or behind the wheel.”

“As part of this commitment, we are always investing in new ways to enhance safety on the Uber app.”

“In the last few years, Uber has launched Real-time ID check, Share My Trip, Verify My Trip, Check Your Ride as well as 24/7 incident support.”

Uber introduced all these safety measures to boost trust among and between riders and drivers, as well as on the company.

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“We are committed to safety and are working to build a better experience for both riders and drivers. Which is why we’re focused on your safety, from setting new standards to developing technology with the goal of reducing incidents,” Akinwumi concluded.


Evidently, Uber is investing more on the safety of riders and drivers.

This investment in safety will further gain the trust of riders the more.

Also, this can translate to more customers for Uber as well as more returns.

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