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Users With 600+ Followers Can Now Host Spaces On Twitter Mobile



Twitter has announced in a blog post that users with 600 and more followers will host Spaces on their mobile.

The development has started this Monday on its Clubhouse-like audio feature.

It would be available to both Android and iOS users.

Previously, the app was only available to a set of selected users.

However, the announcement is not new as Twitter had made a similar one before.

In April, Twitter said it would launch the development for both the Android and iOS users to launch spaces; it didn’t happen.

Twitter explained in the blog post in April that the purpose of Spaces was for users to have options — ‘tweet and talk.’

Also, it wanted that anybody could host a Twitter space. Unlike its competition, Clubhouse, which has many limitations.

Strategy and growth

This might just be considered the perfect move to leverage on the missing pieces of Clubhouse.

However, with Twitter’s new development, everyone would be able to use the audio platform to communicate; share their different ideas.

Twitter said that the new development resulted from the feedback it got from readers and the experience since the introduction of Spaces.

“Since we’ve been building this, the ability to create a Space has become available to millions of people, and we’ve continued to make improvements based on your feedback.”

According to the company, Twitter believes that the development would be more advantageous than a disadvantage. The user would be able to have a good experience with its existing audience.

Twitter has said that its focus is gaining more experience and learning more to grant its users a better user experience.

Before bringing the ability to create a Space to everyone, we’re focused on learning more, making it easier to discover Spaces, and helping people enjoy them with a great audience.

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Twitter distinguishes itself based on Feedbacks

Spaces, the Twitter audio feature, has gone beyond what other conventional audio apps are doing.

Clubhouse is known for hosting chat rooms where they discuss the subject matter at a subject level and don’t still really give you space and comfort like it’s meant to be.

It gives users more of a panelist and interview kind of setting.

However, Twitter Spaces is set to give more than expected and offer a home to people for discussion.

Twitter said that it would go beyond the interview format or panel and create fun by involving comedy venues and pitch rooms that allow customers to sell their ideas to investors.

Also, Twiter mentioned its plan to monetise its platform through ticketing; it would enable the platform for hosting an event.

This would be a huge advantage for Spaces amongst all other audio apps and features offered.

Twitter said that the host would set a ticket price and the number of tickets sold.

However, Twitter also plans on creating revenue for itself through the platform. It would take ‘a small amount’ from the ticket sales.

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