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Walking Building: Machine Relocates 85-Year-Old Primary School



A 5-storey school building in Shanghai, China, has been relocated through the help of what has been termed a ‘walking machine.’

The 85-year-old Lagena Primary School was constructed in 1935.

However, it was relocated to make space for a new commercial and office complex.

The complex is expected to be completed in 2023.

The building was moved 203 feet away and rotated 21 degrees to its new location.

Walking Machine

Lan Wuji, the chief technical supervisor of the project, said that nearly 200 mobile supports were attached to the building.

Besides, the supports are split into two groups; rising up and down.

Explaining further, Lan said that workers dug around the building to install the 198 mobile supports in the spaces underneath.

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After this, the robotic “legs” were then extended upward, lifting the building before moving forward.

A statement from the Huangpu district government said that was the first time such a machine would be used to relocate a historical building.

However, this is not the first time such will happen in China.

The Shanghai Concert Hall, built in 1930, was relocated.

Also,  in 2018, a 90-year-old building was moved.

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