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Why You Must Not Miss Techuncode And Microsoft’s Digital Skills Webinar

Microsoft is partnering Nigeria to train five million youths on digital skills and, in the process, create 27, 000 brand new jobs in Nigeria.

However, to seamlessly tap into this wealth of digital skills training, a Webinar conversation to be hosted by Techuncode and anchored by the General Manager, Techuncode, Arinola Gelor, in partnership with Microsoft, Paga and Jobberman, and billed for this Friday, the 18th of June, 2021, promises to lay bare why this training is necessary for all Nigerian youths, especially the Gen Z and the millennials.

The Webinar will, expectedly, also show how the gap in technological skills between young Nigerian job seekers and employers can be bridged, through Microsoft’s upskilling.

The gap in technological skills between the youths, especially Gen Z and Millennials on one hand and employers, on the other hand, has become one of the major reasons for the increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria.

Also, with the added strains of the country’s dwindling economy, lack of infrastructure and the festering insecurity, the unemployment curve has even ascended more dangerously, with the latest statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) placing the unemployment rate at 33.28% and the rate of under-employment at 22.84% in the Q4 of 2020.

According to the report and under the age groupings, Nigerians under the age bracket of 15-24 (Gen Z) as at 2021, have the highest unemployment rate, at 53.4% of the total labour force.

Sadly also, Nigerians under the age bracket of 25-34 (Millennials) as at 2021, have the second-highest number of unemployment rate, with 37.0% of the total labour force, in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2020. This reality for a country like Nigeria is rather, very gloomy.

Techuncode & Microsoft Digital Skills Webinar

Moreover, following the global pandemic which has forced most businesses and services to increasingly rely on technology to remain afloat, countries like Nigeria, with such percent of her youths largely unemployed, can only measure up to the current demands by upskilling the youths with the combination of the right technical and soft skills relevant for 21st-century job needs and employers’ demands.

For this reason, this webinar to x-ray the training by tech industry players is pivotal.

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Here are a little of what you need to know: The full package to be unveiled during the Webinar session.

1: The Webinar is on Friday, the 18th of June, 2021 and the time is 11 am.

2: Microsoft’s country manager, Akin Banuso, will be on the Webinar session to shed more light on the partnership between the Nigeria government and Microsoft to upskill five million Nigerian youths and create 27,000 brand new jobs.

3: One thing is to have the skills, another is to get the job to showcase your skills. How do you get to position yourself and showcase your skills to employers who need them? Well, we have got you covered as the CEO of Jobberman, Nigeria’s foremost matchmaker of Job seekers and employers, Mrs Rolake Rosiji, would be on the session too. So, you don’t have to stress yourself after the trainings, going from one office to another with your files and looking for who will employ you. Jobberman will explain how they will do that for you.

4: Your thoughts are in sync with mine. Yes, the cycle will not be complete if the employers to take in trainees after the training are not here to give a window view of what they want from job seekers, especially tech-inclined ones. On this, we’ve also got you covered as we would be having the CEO of Paga, Mr Tayo Oviosu on the Webinar session. Paga is one of the biggest tech employers in Nigeria.

5: You can join the Webinar on Microsoft Teams. Click here to learn how.

6: You can also join us on our social media handles.

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