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You Might Be Able To Record Conversations On Twitter Spaces; Find Out!



Remember the Clubhouse-like feature, Twitter Space, the bird app might be planning on updating the feature.

As the audio feature continues to expand to more users, Twitter plans on modifying the app so as those who miss a conversation might be able to still listen with a recorded version.

Unlike now, if a person misses a conversation, they miss it for good as there are no recording options.

Although Twitter keeps a record of conversations for about 30 days; however, its purpose is for moderation.

If a user violates any of the rules, it allows the host to file for reports with recorded proof.

Before Twitter records, it sends an alert someone reports this, we’re going to record it.” 

However, only the host can access the recorded conversation as long as Twitter still has it.

Also, it could be transcribed as long as the host enabled it during the conversation.

In comparison with Clubhouse, recordings are only kept during the live recording for violation purposes.

But as soon as the live room ends, Clubhouse deletes the data.

However, if Twitter’s plan comes to life, both the audience and host would gain access to recordings of a conversation.

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Kayvon, Twitter Spokesman Speaks Further on the feature

Head of consumer product on Twitter, Kayvon Beykpour, said that the company is on its way to building a way to record conversations natively.

Kayvon believes that there should be a choice for both the host and users to save a record and do whatever they like with it.

“If you think that the conversation was worth playing back, you ought to be able to do that.

“I personally am a little bit more bullish on two things. One, obviously, the host should be able to save it and do whatever they want.

“Maybe you host a Space, you save it, then want to go edit it. You should be able to do that,” Kayvon said.

Kayvon also added, “I also think that the notion of letting the audience pick sound bites and share them as clips could be really, really powerful.”

However, he explained further that where the problem lies is when the participants share the video clip without the host’s consent.

He said the host’s intent should be considered before anything, as does the host want conversations to be shared or preserved.

“Now, the challenge with that is you have a sort of a really challenging consent issue because you have the host’s intent in mind of, does the host want this conversation to be preserved or shared?

“[Then] there’s the speakers, who are a different actor than the host. Their consent is really important.”.

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Twitter might be heading in a new direction

Interestingly, the new feature is making Twitter’s Space begin to sound like Fireside, a newly developed podcasting app by Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi.

The audio app also allows users to make recordings, and music can be added as a background to the audio conversation to make it more like a podcast.

However, with the recording update, it might be misleading for Twitter as it might also be heading towards the direction of podcasting.

From another perspective, the update could be a strategy to prove its differences and clear the direct comparisons with the audio-only app, Clubhouse.

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