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5 Best 2020 Christmas Shopping Deals In Nigeria

5 Best Christmas Shopping Deals in Nigeria of 2020 | Techuncode

Unwrap yourself a joyful Christmas using our guide to the best Christmas shopping deals in Nigeria!

Here is another ‘December to remember’, and giving the unprecedented events of this year; a better way to round it off is to stay sufficient for yourself and your loved ones.

Aside from the holidays and a full house, one of the best moods of Christmas is giving and receiving gifts, which most times can come with a heavy cost.

Yes, it’s the holiday season, and no doubt we all want to party, give out gifts, and jolly at the same time.

However, nobody financially smart enough wouldn’t care about going into a fresh year penniless.

The ongoing recession is also not making things easy, but yes! We have to be happy regardless.

In that spirit, spending wisely is essential for everyone. We are here to render some help by ensuring that you find the best Christmas shopping deals in Nigeria for 2020.

Best Christmas shopping deals in Nigeria

Jumia Christmas deals 2020

Our first destination for the best Christmas shopping deals in Nigeria is Jumia.ng.

The online marketplace for electronics, and fashion, among other things, offers a great deal of festive discounts.


5 Best Christmas Shopping Deals in Nigeria of 2020

Source: Jumia

The platform is currently running a 12 Days of magical deals in an ongoing flash sales themed “A December to Remember.”

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According to Jumia, the flash sales will be available only on their mobile app and will take place by 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, and 4 PM throughout the period.

More so, every single order made for the Jumia Christmas deal attracts free shipping, which means less worry about the extra expense.

From a random selection across the electronic and tech categories, below is our own top 5 picks to consider this season:

1. Combo appliances (Microwave 20Ltr + Toaster + Blender): This particular combo item is a top choice if you are looking to buy something in the kitchen.

Selling at a promo price of 36,700, the item collection consists of a microwave (20 Ltr), Toaster, and a blender.

2. Nokia 5.3: Smartphone is still a good choice of gift. Selling at a promo price of N63,500, the Nokia device is a good deal to consider for your loved ones.

3. Play Station 4 Gaming Console: You may be wondering why PS4, considering that Sony recently released the 5th generation of its Play Station gaming console.

Truth is, this particular console is selling at a more affordable price compared to the latest PS 5, plus it’s still a gaming console after all.

Selling at a promo price of N155,000 and N166,000 for 1TB and 500GB storage respectively, the PS4 is a good deal for consideration.

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds: Wearable devices are always a good deal for festive seasons, and this Samsung Galaxy Buds selling at a promo price of N39,990 is sure a good deal.

5. Geneve New LED Backlight Sport Waterproof Quartz Wrist Watch: Another wearable device to consider here is the Geneve Sport watch.

The waterproof device is selling at a discounted price of N1,299 and will make a good deal for your family and friends.

Konga Christmas deals 2020

Recognized as one of Nigeria’s biggest and leading online retailers, Konga is also a major challenger in terms of offering the best Christmas shopping deals in Nigeria.

Currently, the online retailer has commenced the 8th edition of its Yakata sales which usually comes with some of the best discounts around.

5 Best Christmas Shopping Deals in Nigeria of 2020 | Techuncode

Source: Konga

This year’s edition of the Yakata sales is themed “12 Days of Discount” and runs from December  7 to 18.

From our own random selection, below are the top 5 Christmas deals you should consider on Konga.com:

1. Rechargeable Neck 360 Degrees Sport Fan: Considering that most people are indoors during the festive season, exercise such as jugging is essential.

Selling at a promo price of N2,450, the mini sport fan on Konga is a perfect Christmas deal to consider.

2. Sony Extra Bass Wired Headphone: Another good deal to consider on Konga is the Sony wired headphone selling at a promo price of N1,999.

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3. D-Jack Home Theatre System: With the anticipation of a full house during this season, having a home theatre connected to the TV is a brilliant idea.

If this sounds like a good deal to you, then you can consider buying the D-Jack HTS selling at a promo price of N18,900 on Konga.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20: If you are looking for something pricy but with a tangible discount, then the Galaxy Note 20 on Konga is a good deal for you. The device is currently selling at a promo price of N378,000 on the online retail platform.

5. 40,000 mAh Power Bank (with 32GB memory card): Finally on our top picks here is a 40K mAh power bank which comes packed with a memory card souvenir.

Selling at a promo price of N4,999, this final item is a good deal if you are considering going on an adventurous road trip with the family during this season.

Shoprite Christmas deals 2020

Shoprite is very prominent on this list for its discount policy, and it is a very good destination when it comes to the best Christmas shopping deal in Nigeria.

5 Best Christmas Shopping Deals in Nigeria of 2020 | Techuncode

Source: Shoprite

Here, there are discounts on virtually everything on the platform; however, we will only pick the top 4 items from our random selection:

1. Children Toys: Festive periods such as this are mostly appreciated by kids, and it is essential to have enough gift items to go around.

Shoprite is currently running a series of discounts on kids’ toys ranging from as low as N399 and above.

2. Microwave/Oven: More of an electronic appliance, you can get some kitchen favourites like Microwave and Oven for a promo price of N42,999, and N35,999, respectively.

3. Electric Plate: Another kitchen favourite that you can get at a promo price at Shoprite is an electric plate which goes for as low as N7,499.

4. Electric Toaster: Still on the electrical appliances, Shoprite is offering its customers an electric toaster at a promo price of N4,999 only.

Spar Christmas deals 2020

The online and offline shopping market place is another favourite destination to get the best Christmas shopping deals in Nigeria.

Themed 25 days of Christmas Savings, Spar is offering a great Christmas discount on selected items from December 10 to January 3, 2021.

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Interestingly, customers can get a variety of discounts ranging between 10%, 15%, 40%, and 50% across the selected items.

Among several others, our top 5 picks for Spar Christmas sales 2020 include the following:

1. Sony 55” smart TV: You don’t want to miss out on movie night with family and friends. Thinking about that, you may realise the need to switch to a smart TV.

Spar is currently offering about 25% on its Sony 55” smart TV. Far from its original price at N396,790, customers can purchase the widescreen TV for just N309,990 in the ongoing Christmas sales.

2. Casio watches: Casio has also extended its kind gesture to Spar customers. Here, you can get as much as a 15% discount on any Casio watch of your choice.

3. Electric Kettle: Looking for a corporate item to buy for your colleagues and friends, Daewoo is offering its electric kettle at a promo price of N5,690

4. Daewoo sandwich maker: Another Daewoo item that is on promo at Spar is the Sandwich maker which is going for as low as N6,390. This would make a perfect surprise for the ladies especially.

5. Synix 32” TV: Another perfect deal to consider is the Synix 32” TV which is selling at a promo price of N49,900.

Very affordable of course, and for those who can’t afford the bigger Sony 55” smart TV; this particular Synix 32” TV would make a perfect alternative.

Jiji Christmas deals 2020

Jiji is one of Nigeria’s best classified online platforms with over 2 million listings as of December 2019. Of course, the number is expected to have increased significantly over the last year.

5 Best Christmas Shopping Deals in Nigeria of 2020 | Techuncode

Source: Jiji

During festive seasons such as this, you can be sure to get some of the best shopping deals in Nigeria on this platform.

Here are the top 5 deals that will interest you on the platform:

1. Artificial Christmas trees: What makes Christmas feels special goes beyond the celebration but also the creativity that comes with it.

Christmas trees are very symbolic during this festive period, and if you can’t plant one, then you can buy an artificial alternative for budget-friendly prices on Jiji.

Ranging from #7,000 and upward depending on the quality and size, you can get a beautiful artificial tree from Jiji.

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2. Hampers: In recent times, more people are beginning to gift out items in Hampers. Be it corporate or casual, Jiji offers different themed hampers that are budget-friendly.

3. Christmas light: Lighting up the home also contributes a lot to the Christmas excitement, and it is never a bad idea to shop for some.

Jiji offers quality Christmas lighting decorative piece at a very affordable range starting at N1,000.

4. Christmas accessories for decoration: Aside from Christmas lights and artificial trees, there are other accessories that can be purchased to beautify your space.

Items like colorful decorative balls, Tinsels, Helium balloons, and Wreaths, among others, can be purchased at affordable rates on Jiji.

5. Christmas throw pillow: Another interesting item to buy on Jiji is the Christmas throw pillow.

Similar to your regular throw pillows, Jiji offers a customised Christmas throw pillow for as low as N5,000 per piece.

Hubmart Christmas deals 2020

Another place to get the best Christmas shopping deals in Nigeria during this festive season is at Hubmart.

The “retail shopping chain of Nigeria heritage” as it is commonly described, offers some exclusive deals for its loyal customers.

5 Best Christmas Shopping Deals in Nigeria of 2020 | Techuncode.com

Source: The Guardian

This simply means that a consumer must join the platform’s exclusive Hub Life loyalty program which offers customers loads of exciting benefits.

More so, corporate brands also partner with Hubmart to offer discounts on sales of their different products.

In the latest development, Casio Nigeria is currently offering up to a 15% discount on sales of wristwatches in an ongoing “Casio Christmas deal” at Hubmart.

Also, more deals will be announced a few days before Christmas; and offers will most likely be available until the New Year.

Interested customers can earn reward points as well as real savings on featured items.

To get some of these offers; you can visit their website or either of their physical stores at 35 Adeola Odeku V.I or 26 Isaac John GRA Ikeja.

What else can you buy from Hubmart?

While you wait or more exclusive offers, below are other things you can buy at an affordable price at Hubmart:

1. Fresh Produce: Buying food items is not up for debate during the festive season, and it is the same for fresh produce.

Hubmart offers some of the best prices for “fresh out of the farm” produce like crates of egg, fruits, and vegetables among others.

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2. Skincare and Beauty products: You sure want to surprise your family this season, and gifting each one of them a skincare product is not a bad idea.

Bath soap, body lotion, body spray, among others are some low-budget items you can also get at Hubmart for your families and friends.

3. Groceries: You will be surprised to find out that some groceries sold at Hubmart are cheaper than you may have envisaged.

For instance, the cost of beer among other beverages is cheaper compared to the regular retail market.

Buying in bulk also allows you to save a lot of cash compare to other places.

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