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Amazon Now Hiring Nigerians For Nigerian Office

Amazon hiring Nigerians, Amazon Prime Subsrcibers
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American e-Commerce giant, Amazon, is hireing Nigerians for its Nigerian office which will commence operations next year.

So, if you are a Nigerian and live in Nigeria, you could land yourself an Amazon’s job by applying.

Also, if you qualify for the job roles, all you need do is apply for any of the job positions.

According to the company, many job positions are available for Nigerians for its Nigerian office.

The company also advertises job openings for qualified candidates in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Currently, the e-commerce company operates in at least, 20 other countries of the world.

The e-commerce company said it would commence operations in Nigeria in 2023.

Amazon said this is in line with its drive to expand to Nigeria, South Africa and other countries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Meanwhile, in its advert for the jobs, Amazon noted that for you to qualify for the Nigerian job, you must also be a resident of Lagos state.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem since you can relocate to Lagos should you secure one of the job positions.

Also, yeah, you thought rightly too.

The salary from the job should be more than enough to cater for your expenses and other needs.

But what positions are there to apply? Here are the positions.

Positions you can apply:

Amazon is hiring for different positions which includes the following:

1: enterprise account managers.
2. Start-up segment leaders.
3. Senior partner sales managers.

Furthermore, Amazon advertises other job positions such as follows:

4. Associate solutions architect, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA).
5. Startup scaling team.
6. Amazon web services (AWS) startups.

According to Amazon, it will create a marketplace in all the countries where it plans expansion.

It would do this by setting up local shops with access to it’s Fulfilment service, Fulfilment Amazon.

Meanwhile, to apply, you can check out the job positions via this link:

  1. For Enterprise Account Manager, you can apply through: https://g.co/kgs/asfjcQ
  2. For startup Segment Leader, you can apply via: https://g.co/kgs/zTwiA9
  3. Also, for Associate solutions architect, you can check out https://g.co/kgs/Go8RTK

Apart from the expansion drive of the e-commerce company, the Nigerian government has mandated all foreign tech platforms operating in Nigeria to establish a Nigerian office.

The government also mandated the tech platforms to employ country representatives or managers that can interface with the government.

They will also pay tax and abide by regulations set up by Nigeria.

This is following the development which saw Nigeria banning micro-blogging site, Twitter, from operating in the country.

Although Nigeria later lifted the ban on Twitter, it was not without the two parties reaching an agreement.

Among the terms of agreement are the requirements for operating in Nigeria which the government  released for all tech platforms in the country.


One of the many implications of this is that Amazon will compete with other local e-commerce platforms for the Nigerian market.

For instance, Konga and Jumia will now have a tough rival to beat.

Meanwhile, the availability of many e-commerce platforms will provide Nigerians with more options to buy and sell.

Likewise, with Amazon hiring many Nigerians, it will contribute to reducing the unemployment rate in Nigeria.


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