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Apple, Window Users Can Now Access iCloud Password Through Chrome Extension



Apple announced that it had released a new iCloud password extension for its users.

It released it for the Windows and Mac version of Chrome, enabling them to use the password stored in a keychain.

For those who were able to use Safari to generate strong password in the past on other platforms automatically; Apple said this can now be made available on Chrome when trying to login.

However, the extension would only be useful for those who use the iCloud keychain as their dedicated password manager.

And, it would offer them the automated saved password for both Chrome for Windows and Mac.

Users who already use Chrome and use the iCloud keychain as their dedicated password manager would be able to bounce between devices quickly.

That is, the password generated on Chrome for Windows would sync to iCloud; so, they would be available on the browser on any of a user’s Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or Mac).

This will allow users with both Apple and Windows devices to easily switch between Chrome and Safari browsers.

They can also switch with Safari and Siri; by using the same passwords on the devices.

Users can access this by downloading the iCloud password application extension through the Chrome Web store.

It would also be available for Windows and Mac version of Chrome.

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Reportedly, the extension was first seen last week in the latest update of the iCloud for Windows 10 app.

It also revealed some details of its functionality.

The “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension” was listed as a new feature; even though it wasn’t released yet.

There is a new ‘password’ section

“After installing version 12 of ‌iCloud‌ for Windows, there’s a new “Passwords” section in the app with an ‌iCloud‌ Keychain logo.

When attempting to use the feature, though, the ‌iCloud‌ app prompts users to download a Chrome extension, but the extension is broken and clicking to install leads to a broken web page.”

“This is likely a bug that will be addressed in the near future, and it sounds like when it is functional, Windows users will be able to access their ‌iCloud‌ Keychain passwords on their Windows machines through the Chrome browser.

It’s not clear if Apple will offer this extension for Mac machines in the future as well, and it appears to be limited to Windows at this time.”

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