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Apple Buys Primephonic, Promises 6 Months Free Music; Steps To Get It



Apple buys Primephonic

Apple has bought popular classical music streaming service, Primephonic, just three years after the platform launched.

With this new buy, Apple adds to its music growing library of over 70 million songs.

The Deal’s Announcement:

According to a statement by the company, the deal will help the Primephonic reach majority of global classical listeners.

It will, especially, reach those people that listen to many other music genres as well.

According to Primephonic, “We felt compelled to develop a streaming service that truly gets classical right—so that’s what we did over the last 3 years. But to fully achieve the next phase of our mission, we need to bring our classical streaming expertise to millions of listeners worldwide.”

“We therefore concluded that in order to achieve our mission, we need to partner with a leading streaming service that encompasses all music genres and also shares our love for classical music. Today, we are therefore thrilled to share a great step forward in our mission – Primephonic is joining Apple Music!”

Although Primephonic, Monday, announced the merger in a release, neither of the two parties disclosed the terms of the deal.

What Apple Plans To Do With Primephonic:

Apple plans to unveil a classical music-focused app in 2022.

The Apple app will add new features and combine with Primephonic’s classical user interface to serve users.

According to the mobile brand company, the app will leverage Primephonic’s existing user interface to reach more customers.

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Primephonic keeps a detailed information about classical tracks and Apple plans on leveraging that.

Therefore, Apple has said that, it will take advantage of Primephonic to improve browsing and search capabilities.

Apple also said that subscribers will also get access to playlists and exclusive audio.

What You Must Know:

This recent buy by Apple will put Primephonic offline on Sept. 7.

So, what it means for you is that if you are a Primephonic user, then you will not have access to the platform from next week.

However, before then, users of the platform will access the music streaming platform for free.

Why Apple Will Take Primephonic Offline:

The classical streaming platform will go offline in other to “focus on creating an even better experience for customers around the world.”

Also, Apple has promised that current subscribers of Primephonic will get six free months of Apple Music.

How To Get Your Free Six Months Of Apple Music:

Since Primephonic will go offline from September 7, many of the users are worried.

Also, users got concerned and want to know if they will still enjoy the music they do before the deal.

But Apple has assured that not only will the Primephonic platform have better experience but that they will have six full free months of Apples’s music.

To have access to the free music, users must check their emails for more details on how to get the 6 month free trial on Apple Music.

The emails too will guide users on how to get a refund on their subscription to Primephonic songs.

How do I redeem my code for 6 months free of Apple Music?

  1. Open the email from Primephonic.
  2. Then tap or click the link to redeem your 6 months of Apple Music for free.
  3. After that, follow the onscreen instructions to sign up.

What Active Primephonic Users Should Do:

First, all active Primephonic users will receive a prorated refund.

However, users’ refund will be tied back to the original payment method based on the days left on their subscription.

Primephonic will send an email to the users with more information about the refund.

Also, the email will come with a code for 6 months of Apple Music for free (redeemable before November 30, 2021).

However, “if you don’t see an email from Primephonic, check your Junk folder.”

“If you didn’t receive an email, contact”

Meanwhile, if you have an active unredeemed or partially redeemed gift card or voucher, contact for further assistance.

Also, you can contact for more questions as well as to get your code, the company said.

Primephonic also said that users can contact contact Apple Support for questions about redeeming codes for Apple Music.

Implication for You:

Apple’s acquisition of Primephonic will give you, a user, enough features to engage with.

Also, you will have more songs and genres to choose.

The merger will also see more listeners joining the user database.

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