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Apple Leaves Out In-Box Charger, Earphones For iPhone 12

Effects Of The New iPhone's Not Having A Charger And Earphones In Its Box

Apple recently launched its newest model iPhones, the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and Mini; however, the iPhones will not come with chargers and earphones, compared to how Apple did it previously.

The decision

The decision to do this will affect the iPhone’s packaging.

The box will now be a lot smaller as it’ll probably include just the phone.

Additionally, Apple said that the smaller sized phones would create more space during shipping.

What you may not know is Apple’s decision to take out the charger and earphone is deliberate.

The sole purpose is to cut down on electrical and electronic equipment products.

What are the perks?

Effects Of The New iPhone's Not Having A Charger And Earphones In Its Box

Image: iPhone 12

The development will help in the reduction of waste products.

However, that’s not all.

It’ll also stop uncertain environmental outcomes that are in line with the taking out of un-processed materials.

It’ll also stop the challenges linked to the taking out of raw materials, manufacturing and even product distribution.

Carbon footprints also appear to be an issue.

Apple’s VP of environments, Lisa Jackson, mentioned that producing excessive adapter consumes resources.

According to Lisa, the generic circulation of both adapters and earphones with wires is a lot.

There is an approximate number of up to 700 million wired earpods and up to 2 billion adapters in circulation.

Also, Lisa mentioned that the calculation of the third-party adapters isn’t done yet.

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All for the environment

Not putting adapters and earphones in the box will reduce electrical wastes.

People feel the new iPhones are just “ok.” However, there’s more work to be done.

Steve Hynd, a campaign manager at City to sea environmental group, said phones usually come with a lot of unnecessary packaging.

For a lot of reasons, a lot of important people seem to be in support of the iPhone without any accessories.

Regardless, how about Apple’s consumers?

Did they think about the convenience of having to make them purchase a new charger?

Additionally, people believe that reducing the number of materials that make up the iPhone package is necessary.

It’ll help with the cutting down of product gas.

In July, Apple also spoke on a few changes it wants to make.

Not including an adapter and earphone are one of them. But there’s more.

By 2030, according to Apple, the company should have a net-zero effect on carbon.

Nonetheless, Apple is not the only one on this journey.

Google and Facebook also have eyes in the same direction.

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