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Creators Can Now Get Paid From Instagram Badge Feature: See How

Instagram badges
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Instagram finally releases its Badge feature that allows content creators to be paid on its platform.

The feature allows users to show support for creators on its platform who uses live video.

This is coming after the feature had been in the testing stage for over a year.

However, Instagram says that the feature would only be available to eligible creators.

Instagram has urged eligible creators to apply for the feature.

And if they are they are accepted, viewers can purchase badges during a live creator stream, supporting them.

Creators would be able to earn through this.

However, the feature has only officially launched in the US and still, it is not rolling out to all users.

It would only be available to creators eligible for the feature.

Instagram mentions that the eligible candidate has to be a citizen of the country.

They should be over 18, have a business or creator account on the platform, and have the least 10,000 followers.

Also, they have to comply with some of Instagram policies.

Some of which includes Partner Monetisation Policies, Content Monetisation Policies, and Community Guidelines.

About Instagram Badge

Instagram says the feature would appear in three forms which includes a separate price range.

And it would cost $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99.

Further, it explains what would happen to those that get the badge.

It said Badges would remain next to your name during a live video.

Also, the three hearts that appears next to a commenters name and would be highlighted during the Livestream.

Any questions or comments that a person with the badge puts on the live video would be visible and pinned by the creator.

Also, the Instagram name of the person would appear on the visible list of the creator for about 90 days.

If you ask a question during that live, your question will be highlighted to the creator.

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How to set up the Instagram Badge feature

To set up an Instagram badge feature to enable you to monetise your Instagram is not anything complicated.

However, to go about it, follow the steps below.

  • Go to your profile
  • Then go to the professional dashboard
  • Then click on ‘Set up Badges.’

In the future, creators can now get paid through this feature.

Instagram has promised that it will not take any cut from the money paid to creators until 2023.

This was posted by Mark Zukerberg, owner of the now Metaverse, on its sister’s platform Facebook.

“To help more creators make a living on our platforms, we’re going to keep paid online events, fan subscriptions, badges, and our upcoming independent news products free for creators until 2023. And when we do introduce a revenue share, it will be less than the 30% that Apple and others take.”

If you want to get more information on the Badge feature, you can read more on their help support page.

Implication for you

If you haven’t gotten Instagram Badge, you should apply for it.

However, only US citizens are eligible to do this aside from other considerations Instagram has set.

Instagram hasn’t mentioned anything about spreading the feature to other countries.

Hopefully, it is making plans to do so.

Share with us your experience below if you have been able to apply for the badge.


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