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Disney+ Pulls Back The Release Date For Marvel’s Black Widow, Others

Disney+ Pulls Back The Release Date For Marvels Black Widow, Amongst Others

It’s a bummer that Disney+’sBlack Widow” would no longer be released in 2020.

Black Widow was set to premiere in May of 2020.

But, when the pandemic hit, and the movie was moved to November 2020.

The pandemic affected everything movie entertainment like.

Shows were cancelled, had to go on breaks while the production of movies and shows were paused.

With that, movies weren’t being shot for a while. And cinemas were closed.

As much as this caused a big blow, streaming platforms and gaming industries benefited greatly.

Netflix, Disney+, Roku, Amazon Prime Video, and all others had increased subscribers and views.

As regards to Black Widow, Disney+ announced the movie would not premiere until May 2021.

However, this setback doesn’t just apply to Black Widow alone.

The “West Side Story” would also not come to screens until December 2021.

West Side Story is an adaptation of an already existing Broadway musical.

This setback will not just affect movie watchers, but cinemas and theatres as well.

Why? Not too long ago, Cinemas were considering being reopened.

So, there must have been expectations of a high rate of people who will troop into their theatre.

These movies that have been pushed to 2021 are significant parts of cinema entertainment.

So, best believe there’d be some discomfort.

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However, there’s a bright side

You don’t have to be so upset.

After the rainfall comes the sunshine

You might not be able to see Black Window this year, but James Bond will be waiting for you.

No Time To Die” is maintaining its release date for November 2020.

The Amazon woman is also ready.

Wonder Woman 1984″ is also maintaining its recently released due date.

Which is on the 25th of December, call it a Christmas present.

Because of the pandemic, many movies have been going back and forth, deciding when to debut.

It’s hard because they’re trying to put themselves in the head of the pandemic.

Thinking, “will it fade anytime soon” or even “how much longer is it going to take.”

This is necessary because it’d be pointless releasing a movie no one will show up to see.

As a solution, most movies set to debut in cinemas are being moved to streaming services.

Just as we stated earlier, the pandemic has favoured streaming services.

This is why most producers are sorting to launch their movie on these platforms.

A push forward from behind

Remember, we said movies were being pushed backward because of the pandemic?

Well, some of those movies are being pushed forward.

For instance, “Death On The Nile” was moved to December 2020.

Now, it debuts in October 2020.

Marvel’s “Eternals” was moved to November 2021. It has been moved forward.

It’d now premiere in February 2021.

In conclusion

With the pandemic, and the commotion going on with when movies can be released, we’ll stay ahead of it.

For the movies that will be released this year, get ready.

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